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What Do Hillary Clinton and a Boy from Bangladesh have in Common?

This past Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced she was diagnosed with pneumonia and had to take time to recover.

No matter your political affiliation, I’m sure you can resonate with this feeling. You get sick, you take a day of work or just some extra rest time, you take antibiotics and you get better.

I get sick a couple of times per year and though it’s no fun, I always have the means to heal. The medicine, the time, the proper care.

Mehedi and his family no longer are slaves to parasites thanks to deworming medication and the grace of God.

Mehedi and his family no longer are slaves to parasites thanks to deworming medication and the grace of God.

Health shouldn’t be a luxury

Imagine getting sick and then feeling better only to immediately fall ill again. This is the fate of those suffering from intestinal parasites, the result of ingesting infested water or food. However, this is not something God desires, and is therefore something Food for the Hungry (FH) is working to fight against (you can join us in this fight by donating here.)

In Bangladesh, 14-year-old Mehedi regularly missed school due to his endless stomach aches caused by parasites. His mother, Sufiya, thought he had gastrointestinal problems and didn’t realize what the real source of his discomfort was, all the while continuing to feed her child contaminated food.

This was a huge problem. The World Health Organization says these parasites can cause internal bleeding, malabsorption of nutrients, diarrhea and loss of appetite. It can impair the nutritional intake so much that the growth and development of children are significantly impacted.

When Sufiya joined a savings group (you can read more about the details of savings groups here), she learned all about intestinal parasites. Still, she didn’t want to give her child the medication because she had fears based on superstition.

“At first we were skeptical about this medication and thought it might harm our health,” Mehedi’s mother, Sufiya, said.


Mehedi is now able to regularly attend school after ridding his body of parasites.

Healing mind, healing bodies

FH staff persisted, explaining the benefit to the medication. Sufiya changed her mind and her family was able to receive deworming medication for the first time in their lives!

“I no longer feel any pain in my stomach,” Mehedi said. “I feel good now; thank FH for that.”

Praise God for that! Sufiya also learned how to properly prepare food and store water so that she could prevent her family from getting sick in the first place. She is now a leader of her group, where she teaches other women lessons on health, hygiene, biblical values, law and literacy.

Thanks to this deworming medication, communities are changing. People are able to further pursue development because they are not stuck in illness. They can take time to heal, take medication to solve the problem, and be back at school or work.

We all get sick from time to time, whether you’re presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, an American mother or a young child from Bangladesh. The important thing is having access to the medication to make us better (through prayer and petition, of course.) God is good!

Help us bring hope and healing to children around the globe by donating here.