How You Can Make an Eternal Impact with One Gift

Many Christians would tell you that the most important thing to possess as a believer is the Bible, the Word of God. Followers of Jesus learn more about the history of our religion, the details of God’s plan for humanity and how to live according to His will from scripture. It is information and instruction and spiritual intimacy. It is a major key component to the Christian faith that bears an eternal impact.

Bibles are abundant here in America. Many non-believers keep a Bible in their home. You can usually find one in the bedside tables of hotels across the nation.

Yet, many places in this world lack access to this foundational text. Many of the communities where Food for the Hungry (FH) works possess few copies.

But you can help change that.

In the Food for the Hungry gift catalog this year, you can buy Bibles, children’s Bibles and even audio Bibles for those who are not yet literate. (Click here to learn more about the importance of FH literacy programs.)

 Staff member Wario, Lkisomai and Sabade

Staff member Wario presents students Lkisomai and Sabadei with their first Bibles.

An Important Gift

Sabadei is a 16-year-old girl in Kenya. She started participating in a Bible study when she joined the school in 2008. She is now one of the most active members of the Bible club. (You can read more about our discipleship programs here.)

The entire club used to share one copy of the Bible that the teacher used. They had to memorize verses in order to have knowledge or access of scripture outside of the class. Though memorization is important, it’s also important to have the additional ability to keep studying from home and to share the Word with family members and friends.

Sabadei always enjoyed the scripture reading in class, but the love for the Bible grew once she finally received her own.

Taking God’s Word Home

Now she enjoys reading the Bible from her home. The Bible she was given is perfect for a learning reader. She says it has simple sentences and summarized stories.

“The Bible is also colorful and has pictures that make me want to read and read,” Sabadei said.

According to her, having her own personal Bible encouraged her to live out what it says. Her favorite verse is Proverbs 1:8, “Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.” What a powerful verse for a young girl to be able to read and remember. She loves it because it helps her to obey her parents and in doing so, she’s learning how important that is.

Having the Bible also taught her that she is valuable in the eyes of God and encourages other children to view themselves as treasured beings. Her leadership skills have grown, and her fellow students and her teachers have great admiration and respect for her. She was even elected school president, which she credits to learning how to be a good leader from the Bible.

The Bible also encouraged her to dream big.

“I want to join the army so I can serve my country as a soldier and show other girls that they can be defenders of their country too because they are made in the image of God,” Sabadei said.

Eternal Impact

Not only does the gift of a Bible impact the receiver, but it helps develop their church and their community. Many times having a Bible pushes a person to learn to read better. Children who receive a Bible — and who read it at home — often bring others in their family to Christ. Equipped with the Bible, church and community leaders can consult the Word to help them resolve theological conflicts or solve issues in the community.

The implications of the gift are eternal. Creating communities that seek God and love His Word.

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