How to Save a Child's Life With Clean Water

What would you do if you knew the only water available to give your child made him sick? Would you give it to him?

It isn’t OK that one in nine people worldwide have to make this gut-wrenching choice every day because they lack access to safe and clean drinking water! Or that children can’t go to school because they spend their days fetching water from distant, and often unclean, water sources.

Fifteen-year-old Emebiet from Ethiopia walked 40 minutes round-trip to carry five gallons of water to her family and their livestock, five times a day. It was exhausting. Worse, dangerous parasites and diseases infested the water.

Emebiet Abera goes down the hill by her house five times a day and carries 20 liters of water in jerrycan back up the mountain to meet the water needs of her family and animals.“I used to collect water from an open spring that was full of worms and leeches,” Emebiet said. “Frequently I got sick from intestinal parasites and missed school.”

A Safe Source for Clean Water Saved Emebiet’s Future!

Missing school was something Emebiet hated to do. She walked an hour each way to get to school on days when she could. She knew an education would help her break the generational bonds of poverty.

But the lack of clean water in her community was preventing her from having a future, and the water she did have slowly got worse as water supplies dwindled thanks to drought.

However, there was hope for Emebiet and her community. FH partnered with the community to build a cement enclosure around the spring entrance, protecting the water quality and storing it in a safe tank.

“Now I am so happy and healthy because of the clean water I get from a well-protected source,” Emebiet said.

Food for the Hungry provides sustainable, life-changing water programs that save lives … and children’s futures!

When you give to Food for the Hungry water and sanitation projects, you:

  • Protect springs from diseases and contamination
  • Give kids more sanitary conditions at home and school
  • Build community water wells and storage tanks
  • Keep kids in school

water purification systemFor just $20, you could provide a water purification system to a community – people women and children don’t have to walk for hours to find water that often makes them sick. These small water treatment plants take existing water and purify it so it’s safe to drink.

Give a Water Purification System


waterfilterA $68 gift could provide a water filtration system to a family like Emebiet’s. This filter will remove harmful parasites and disease-causing bacteria from water. It can clean up to 500 gallons of water per day and many families use their filters to clean water for their neighbors as well.

Give a Water Filtration System


waterwellFor a generous gift of $3,343 you can provide a community with a well. This well will eliminate drought for an entire community benefiting the families, schools and churches. This gift provides the materials and labor to build the well.

Give a Water Well