7 New Year's Resolutions to Help End Poverty

I love New Year’s Resolutions. I love thinking of January 1st as a time to feel extra motivated to be the best version of myself possible that year. This year, I’m making resolutions with a purpose, and I want you to join me. Here are seven resolutions that we can make to help alleviate poverty in 2017 with Food for the Hungry (FH).

The little boy in Bolivia embodies how excited I am about New Year’s Resolutions to end poverty!

1. Read and learn as much about poverty as you can.

Poverty is a complex and diverse problem. The issues that trap people in cycles of poverty can range from country to country, even community to community. The first step to combating poverty is understanding it. Though poverty is too complex to ever be fully grasped, being armed with knowledge on the subject will help you move forward. Here are some books/ebooks that will help us learn more about global poverty.

2. Sponsor a child

Child sponsorship is a great way to equip families to pursue the best for their children. Food for the Hungry uses the funds from child sponsorship to assist entire communities in providing food, a better education, clean water and medical treatment for its children. You can make that big of a difference with only $35 a month. On top of that, you can become a friend to your sponsored child by writing letters and sending photos back and forth. Click here to learn more about child sponsorship.

A girl in Uganda holds a photo she received from her sponsors.

3. Volunteer

Your time can be as valuable as your money. Volunteering with organizations both locally and abroad helps companies end extreme poverty. Plus, volunteering usually helps you learn more about the problem of poverty and the ways various companies are working towards a solution. Click here to learn more about how to volunteer with Food for the Hungry.

Representative photo of volunteering at an FH event.

4. Pray for those living in poverty every day.

As followers of God, we know how important prayer is. In addition to giving of your financial and time resources, give of your thoughts. Spend time asking our Lord to protect those living in poverty and to show us what specific roles we can play in extending his love and glory to those most in need.

A girl in Peru prays.

5. Give to a disaster response effort.

Natural disasters and conflict are most damaging to those living in abject poverty. People who are already vulnerable with few resources have a difficult time bouncing back from devastating events. Some causes that are important to support right now are earthquake relief in Indonesia (click to support) and conflict relief in Lebanon for Syrian refugees (click to support).

Rachael, her five daughters, and a neighbor’s daughter sit inside their makeshift shelter in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Donors like you can help provide families like Rachael’s with monthly food vouchers, monthly fuel vouchers for her diesel stove, and blankets and mattresses.

6. Write to your representatives.

Government officials make huge decisions that affect global poverty. They decide which initiatives to financially support, which organizations get funding and how much to be involved in international affairs. Do some research on the items you’re most passionate about and let your voice be heard by telling your congressman why it’s important to you. Click here to learn more about how you can help influence government policy.

Lucas Koach testifying before Congress

Lucas Koach testifying before Congress. Lucas is the Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for Food for the Hungry.

7. Tell your friends, family and church about the cause of the poor.

Advocacy is one of the best things you can do for the poor. Tell your friends and family why it’s important to you. Share a copy of the FH gift catalog with them. Share about FH on your social media. Click here to find out more about how you can advocate for the poor with Food for the Hungry. Or click here to learn about how you can get your church involved. 

Members of Sagebrush Community Church pose for a photo with community members from Oitu, located in Zeway Ethiopia.


To find out more ways you can give, click here. 
To find out more ways to get involved, click here.

Now, let’s have a great 2017 together!