The Epiphany Behind Three Kings’ Day

Epiphany - The Three Wisemen

The New Year and all that comes with it is now in full motion. While many people take down their holiday decorations and start new resolutions, others continue on in the holiday season. Today is Epiphany, also known as, Three Kings’ Day or the Feast of the Epiphany. Personally, I had never heard much about this holiday until recently. So I decided to look into this widely celebrated occasion.

What is Epiphany You Ask?

Epiphany is a public holiday in many countries worldwide that takes place on January 6. One of the most common definitions of epiphany is “manifestation.” Others also include, “to appear” or “showing forth,” all of which are relevant to use in the understanding of this special day.

This holiday celebrates a couple of the first occurrences that displayed Jesus’ divinity to the world. The first is when the three kings (also known as wise men or Magi) visited baby Jesus in Bethlehem. The other is his baptism in the Jordan River. Similar to Christmas, the festivities surrounding this day vary slightly depending on the region. However, almost all of them include parties, delicious food and goodies for children.

The more I learned about why and how Epiphany is celebrated, the more inspired I became with this tradition. Christmas is special to me because it is a time to reflect on and give thanks for the birth of Jesus, the best gift that has ever been given. Epiphany takes the celebration a step further. It recognizes fulfilled prophecies and ultimately the perfect physical representation of God’s love for the world in Jesus.

The WHOLE World

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:17Mother and Baby

Epiphany occurs once a year to reflect on Jesus’ perfection. He came to save and show God’s love to the whole world. One of the many things I love about the work of Food for the Hungry is the variety of opportunities to get involved in serving the world’s most vulnerable. You can pray, raise awareness, volunteer or give! This Epiphany, I ask you to join me in reflecting on Jesus’ perfect love for all people, and in turn make 2017 a year filled with demonstrating love, generosity and kindness to those near and far.

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