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A Marriage Renewed Makes for a Very Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is Tuesday. Candy hearts. Chocolates. Flowers. A time to spend with your significant other and celebrate the relationship you two have fostered. But, I’ve found that a lot of people have resentment toward the holiday (I know I have at times.) I think a lot of what makes that difference is your current relationship and whether or not you’re in a place of wanting to celebrate (and whether or not you enjoy those candy hearts.)

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!

Being in a failing or hurtful marriage would surely take the fun out of Valentine’s Day, a holiday geared toward celebrating love. That’s exactly how Felicita from Peru felt about her relationship. (Click here to read more about the work Food for the Hungry is doing in Peru.)

Felicita didn’t find anything worth celebrating in her marriage for a long time, but that changed when she was able to attend workshops and trainings with Food for the Hungry (FH).

Prior to the trainings, Felicita’s relationship with her husband was very cold.

“We didn’t speak much, and when we did it was only to ask for something, fight or complain about things in the home,” Felicita said. “I needed things to change, but I didn’t know how.”

This made raising her child, Yuri, difficult. She struggled to know how to discipline alone and how to set a good example for her daughter, but with continued participation in the trainings offered through the Family Action Project, things started to change.

Violence Family Protection Program FH Peru teaches Felicita Macuri how to work on her marriage and set a good example for her children.

A Marriage Renewed

“I learned that my children are going to grow according to the relationship they see in their parents, if the parents are well, then the children will also be well” says Felicita. “I realized that the relationship with my husband had to improve, starting with me.”

Felicita began to work on herself and her attitude. She focused on having positive communication and intentional love for her spouse. Slowly, he began to mirror that positive, loving attitude. Together they have been working on building a marriage of love, trust and communication, not only for the benefit of their children, but for their well-being also.

Now, Felicita is able to help other families learn how to have a God-honoring marriage like she has with her husband. She is a Cascade Group Volunteer in the Violence Prevention Project. With the materials provided by FH, Felicita visits her neighbors replicating each lesson she receives from the FH facilitator. (Click here to read more about FH Cascade Groups). Although she admits that things are not always easy, she does not give up. Felicita knows that with perseverance and a willingness to change, everything can improve, and she shares this message with her neighbors. Even though it may take time, she tells them, they too can change just as she and her family have.

Now, that makes for a Happy Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

You can help other families experience the same blessing Felicita experienced by giving here.