Empowering the Church Leadership to Serve the Poor

Church leadership helping poor families

Church leadership, Pastor Saroeun and another church member, give some food to a poor family.

One of the many things I love about Food for the Hungry is how we work with local leaders. We help to raise them up to become invested in their own communities. We’re finding ways to empower them to take agency and solve the problems they see around them. One of the ways we do this is to work with local churches and their leadership.

Mr. Yorng Saroeun, is one of the pastors in Tropeang Prasat District, Oddar Meanchey Province in Cambodia. He began his journey as a pastor in 2008 and started and evangelical church in his district. In the beginning, there were only 15 members and they all met to worship in Pastor Saroeun’s house. His family continued working together and sharing the gospel with the people around them. Today, they have four churches with 170 members, including 70 children, 15 teens, and 85 adults.

Church leadership helping poor family

Pastor Saroeun and a church member give some food to a poor family in Tomnop Apivat, O svay,Tropeang Prasat,Oddormeanchey

In 2012, pastor Sarouen participated in a holistic-development training course. The course covered 12 modules, conducted by the Church Engagement department of FH Cambodia. After the training, Pastor Saroeun began showing the love of God to the people of the Tropeang Prasat District through tangible activities.

His church takes up an offering to help the poor. They plant flowers and build houses for villagers in nearby provinces. The church has also planned to clean up garbage and fill potholes. They’re being intentional about raising money for families who have yet to accept Christ as a way to show them God’s love.

Jesus save all nation Church member helping build house in Taket, O Svay,Tropeang Prasat,Oddormeanchey.

Pastor Saroeun is now in the process of developing his own life and the church by focusing on four main sections: spiritual, physical, social, and wisdom (mental). Since his training, Pastor Saroeun has been able to see dramatic improvements in his own life and the community around him, including how his own church responds to the vulnerable. Pastor Saroeun has been able to move into a larger home that better accommodates his family and he’s been able to adopt two children, which is a further testament to his devotion to God’s call to serve the poor.

Pastor Saroeun said to his church that, “Serving God doesn’t only mean coming to worship Him alone, but we need to help the people in need like, widows, orphans children and the poor.”

See how you can get your church involved in helping pastors to reach out to the communities to help them overcome poverty.

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