How Little Pigs Make a Big Difference in Poverty Alleviation

Have you ever thought of pigs as life changing? They are cute and fun animals, but they have never struck me as being that radically impactful.

And yet, if you ask Porm Plos in Cambodia, she would say they are.

Porm Plos is a 37-year-old married mother of three. For most of her life, she’s lived in terrible conditions. Because she lacked a source of income, she didn’t have the financial resources for medical care, education or even food. She struggled with her confidence and didn’t have a good relationship with her community. Her children did not go to school.

How Pigs Changed a Life

All of that changed when Food for the Hungry (FH) entered her community. Porm Plos decided to be a health volunteer and enrolled in a savings group. (Click here to read more about savings groups.)

Porm Plos decided to borrow about $100 from her savings group to start her own business. She used the money to buy pigs and began raising them, which she learned to do through FH agriculture training. She quickly experienced a lot of success and was so grateful for her ability to take the loan to jumpstart this new livelihood.

“The money in the savings group in the community is easy to borrow,” she said. “It allows us to grow more confidence, have low interest, build good relationships, reduce illegal migration, and create more jobs for the communities.”

Since starting her business raising pigs, she began a second business selling crops out of her home. Now, she has a sustainable income that allows her to support her children in going to school regularly and provide them with enough resources to continue their studies. She even was able to buy them a bicycle to get to school more easily.

“Savings group does not only help my family, but it also helps the savings group members to have a better livelihood as well,” Porm Plos said.

Porm Plos with her children

Thanks to FH savings group and training, Porm Plos’s life is radically different. Her family is healthier and her children are excelling in school.

Training for a Better Life

The savings group is equipping families like Porm Plos’s to overcome debilitating poverty. Especially when coupled with agriculture and livelihood training. (Click here to learn more about FH agriculture training.)

“My husband and I received much training and we have gained so much knowledge and experience,” Porm Plos said. “Now we understand more about personal and household hygiene and sanitation, and we don’t get sick very often like before. I learned about the importance of education for my children, and the knowledge of agriculture as well.”

Even the children are learning and growing through FH programming.

“From the activities that FH Cambodia has for my children and with the hard work that they have put into their studies, now they have become smarter than before,” Porm Plos said.

Not only is her life changing, but also her family and community are transforming as a whole. Praise God for bringing this community out of poverty.

You can help families like Porm Plos’s too! Click here to give a pig to a family in need of the radical transformation a strong livelihood provides.