8 Ways to Honor Women on International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is a time for reflection, appreciation and advocacy for women around the globe. We come together to think about the amazing contributions women make to society, to support and encourage the women we know, and to call those in power to make decisions of equality and empowerment for their female constituents.


Here are 8 ways you can honor women on International Women’s Day 2017:

  1. Attend an official International Women’s Day Event

    These events include gatherings, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, fun runs, concerts and more. They are a good way to empower the women involved and to learn more about the issues at hand. Click here to see the full list of official events.

  2. Consume art by women.

    Buy a book written by a woman; purchase art made by a woman; watch a movie directed by a woman. This supports women as creators and can even expand your perspective to see things through the eyes and experience of a woman (or another woman, if you are a woman yourself.) Push yourself in this area to consume art by women of different races or socioeconomic status than yourself. Widen your viewpoint; support the marginalized.

    Debisa Ali, 27, weaves a basket outside of her home in Ethiopia.

  3. Volunteer for an organization that helps women.

    There are many great options for this, but you’ll have to look in your area to find something that works for you. Look for women’s shelters, organizations that help women find employment and education opportunities, women’s foundations.

  4. Visit a Memorial Cemetery in your area and pay your respects to female veterans who have fought for our freedom.

    You can bring flowers to a gravesite or sit, prayerfully. Many women have lost their lives fighting for the rights of men and women of the United States of America and today would be the perfect day to honor them.

  5. Donate to a cause that helps women.

    Here at Food for the Hungry (FH), savings groups and care groups empower women to save money, educate their families about basic health principles, start businesses and increase the dignity and importance they hold within themselves and within their households. You can help support women through savings groups here.


    Women’s savings group training session in Guatemala.

  6. Tell the women in your life why you love, respect and support them.

    Today is the perfect day to write a letter, send a text or make a phone call to tell the women in your life why they matter. Tell your mom how she shaped your perception of women; let your wife know how she has proven to you the strength that women carry; tell your friend how proud you are of her pursuing her passion. Find the things that inspire you about the women you know and make your appreciation heard.

  7. Pray for women.

    God calls us to pray for one another, and today is a great day to pray for women. Pray that they will be protected, supported, encouraged and made equal. Pray and thank the Lord for the women in your life, for how He made them.


  8. Learn more about the specific struggle of women living in poverty.

    FH offers a couple different resources for learning about how poverty affects women specifically. Click here to read “7 Surprising Facts About Women and Poverty” and here to read “Top 10 Facts on Gender Equality Worldwide.” This will help you better understand some of the issues women will face and help you understand how you can contribute to eradicating poverty.