Roberto Clemente, Jr.: Food for the Hungry’s Global Ambassador

Helping people has always been one of my favorite things to do. So becoming the Food for the Hungry Global Ambassador was like finding my dream job.

I am blessed by the great legacy my father left. He became the first Latin American and Caribbean player to help win a World Series. What an honor to see his name enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame! This Godsend opened the door to new opportunities for me.

What Does a Global Ambassador Do?

My relationship with Food for the Hungry allows me to pull together contacts and resources to impact needy people. I plan to create great awareness for Food for the Hungry. I will do this by recruiting corporate partners to create funding opportunities. These will help end poverty in some of the most desperate places in the world.

I want people to take notice of the work that FH is doing every day in over 20 countries. We often don’t see or hear about what is going on in these people’s lives. Every day parents lose children to malnutrition and diseases because they lack access to clean drinking water. These people should be in our minds and prayers every day.

I recently traveled to the Dominican Republic for my first trip as ambassador. I went there wanting to make a big impact for the organization. Once I saw the work that they were doing, I got even more excited about it.

Meet Virginia

When I was there, I met an older woman named Virginia, who reminded me of my grandmother. Each day at 4:30 a.m., Virginia walks several miles. With each step, she prays she could at least get two gallons of water for the day. Sometimes the creek is dry. When it isn’t, it provides dirty water infested with parasites.

Virginia did this for 50 years until, as she says, “the miracle of God and FH” gave her access to water on the side of her small home. The water would still be considered undrinkable to us. For Virginia, it is cleaner and more accessible than ever before.

Walking the same path and distance to get water gave me a new perspective of their daily lives. It made me think, I NEED to make this better! Being a part of something so special to these people in need is the fuel that drives me.

Striking Out Poverty

The Striking Out Poverty initiative is a perfect opportunity for the baseball world to understand and get connected with the work that FH is doing. Striking Out Poverty is how I connected with this tremendous organization. It’s how I got to know nine children from some of the most vulnerable communities in the Dominican Republic.

These kids had the opportunity to play a game with Major League Baseball players. For most of them, it will be part of their memories for the rest of their lives. For others, it will be fuel to get to the next level in the game.

No matter how you look at it, the impact that Striking Out Poverty is now having is important in creating awareness in the game of baseball as we work to bring water, education, community centers and baseball fields to some of the most vulnerable communities in the DR.

I hope you will join me and continue to help Food for the Hungry help those experiencing extreme poverty with your prayers and generous donations.