How Deworming Medication Improved One Girl's Life

Imagine wanting an education but not being able to attend school; being hungry but not being able to eat; needing rest, but being in so much pain that you can’t sleep. Imagine all of this caused by one thing. Worms.

Though this sounds nightmarish, this was Nadine’s life.

By the time Nadine was 11, she could barely walk, sleep or eat because of intestinal worms. School was nearly out of the question.

Life with Worms

Nadine is a 13-year-old girl who lives in Burundi and she battled intestinal worms for most of her short life. (Click here to read more about Food for the Hungry’s [FH] work in Burundi.)

“I started feeling intense stomach aches when I was 9 years old,” Nadine said. “Year after year, the pain was intensifying. By the time I reached age 11, I spent days with no rest [because of the ] stomach pain. At night, I was screaming, calling my parents for help. My parents came, they tried many local tricks that they knew like spilling water on my womb, attaching a banana rope on my waist, and giving me a local mixture of herbs to drink, but nothing helped. I continued to suffer helplessly.”

Nadine and her family in their banana plantation.

Her family began to give up the hope that their daughter would have a bright future.

“We wanted our daughter to stay in school, but many times, she was back home in tears around 10:00,” Nadine’s mother, Pauline, said. “She had frequent stomach pains, with nausea and spitting. She was choosy in what she ate because she lacked appetite and some foods seemed to provoke the worms. We tried traditional therapy, but it did not work. “

Healthy Body, Bright Future

Then things began to change. FH staff told Nadine’s family about deworming medicine and how it can be life changing for girls like Nadine. It was worth a shot. Pauline took Nadine to the deworming center and from that first visit her life began improving. (Click here to read more about FH’s health initiatives.)

After receiving deworming medication, Nadine is thriving again. She now goes to school, plays games and even helps with family chores such as collecting vegetables for cooking.

Over time, she became a regular kid again. Now, she is doing well in school and is active with her friends. She likes to play ball and skip rope. She loves her sixth grade classes and dreams about becoming a nurse.

Nadine has her life back and a better future ahead of her. She can grow up to help other children like herself. Praise God!

You can help children like Nadine experience this kind of transformation too. Click here to donate deworming medication that will provide a bright future for hundreds of children.