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Crafts and Desserts: One Girl's Inspiring Plan to Raise Money for the Poor

A young, blonde girl in a pink, long-sleeve shirt sat on her family’s brown, patio couch outside their Oregon home. Her mom held the camera as she looked into it and said, “Hi, my name is Kaia; I’m 9 years old, and I want to raise money for Food for the Hungry.”

Kaia made a 4 minute video she'd like to share with you, if you don't mind. then check the first comment for a few details. thanks friends!

Posted by Breanna Newbill on Sunday, March 19, 2017

It was a bold first step for a 9-year-old. She had already bought two chickens and a pair of plastic shoes for children around the world with her own money. Now, she was calling on her friends and family to help her raise $171 to pay for deworming medication for 2,000 children and a water filter.

She may have stumbled over hard words like “malnutrition” and “intestinal” but she understood the heart of the issue. Kaia wanted to make a difference.

“It makes me sad to think that there are kids who could die because they don’t have good water and I wanted to help,” Kaia said.

Click here to join Kaia and purchase gifts from the gift catalog for children around the globe!


Originally, Kaia asked her parents to purchase the items, but they had something even better in mind.

“I thought, we could write a check and buy those two things and feel good about it,” Breanna said. “But I thought if we did that, it wouldn’t do much to nurture that thing inside of her that called her to make a difference. If God was stirring something up within her, I didn’t want her to be dependent on us. I wanted her to know that at 9 years old, that she has the ability to go out and raise the money herself. I wanted her to feel powerful. And to be totally honest, I wanted her to feel the importance of the work behind it. I wanted her to have the experience of stepping up and then getting to see the direct result of her own effort.”

So instead they offered to match what Kaia raised on her own. Kaia accepted the challenge. Breanna helped her film a video that would go on Facebook. Kaia was selling dessert treats to those who lived nearby and crafts to anyone who wanted them. Kaia was willing to work for her donations to change the lives of children she didn’t know all around the globe. And man did she succeed.

The Results

Just over a month later, Breanna posted a second video in which she told Kaia how much she raised: $3,867.54. Kaia was so excited that she got off the couch and ran across her yard, and spun around the grass with her arms up. She was elated.

“One of the first things she said right after we filmed the video was ‘we could do another one,’” Breanna said. “She’s ready to go.”

Kaia may only be 9 years old, but she has a large and compassionate heart. She wants to change lives. Isn’t that amazing? You can help children all around the globe like Kaia too, by donating here.