Child Sponsorship: Hunger Sunday is May 7th!

Hunger Sunday is a nation-wide day in partnership with Food for the Hungry to spread awareness about child sponsorship. This coming Sunday, May 7th is a day when churches all over unite to make a difference in the lives of children by inviting their congregation into child sponsorship. This is an amazing opportunity to give your church a kingdom perspective. It also offers your congregation a chance to be a part of global missions in a big way.

It’s likely that no one really understands the impact of child sponsorship more than the children themselves.

We’re lucky to have staff who were helped by child sponsorship.

Amalia currently serves as the Church Representative in Guatemala.  As a former sponsored child with FH, Amalia loves interacting with sponsored children and their sponsors, encouraging them to a stronger relationship.

Carlos currently serves Food for the Hungry as the Teams Coordinator in the Dominican Republic where he has spent the last three years. Carlos grew up in Los Botados, a former FH community where Carlos grew up as a sponsored child.

Amalia and Carlos are a testament to the kinds of transformations that are possible with child sponsorship.

Even through we’ve designated this Sunday as our official Hunger Sunday, you’re more than welcome to host an event on a different day. If your church can’t participate in Hunger Sunday, you can still offer a special contribution. We have tons of resources for you here.