Deworming Medication Gives 7-Year-Old Boy A Chance at Life

Imagine your child growing up sick but not knowing the cause,  struggling to nourish your baby. Imagine watching your child’s stomach grow round but not knowing why because he hadn’t eaten in days, stomach full of anything but food.

After receiving three rounds of deworming medication, 7-year-old Belack started seeing dramatic improvements in his health.

That was the reality for Gloriose and her son Belack who live in Burundi. From a young age, they knew something was wrong with Belack. (Click here to read more about Food for the Hungry’s work in Burundi.)

“His stomach was full all the time even when he had not eaten,” Gloriose said. “We had to force him to eat something because he had nausea and spit all time. Frequent diarrhea made the situation worse and contributed to weakening him and making him unhappy all the time.”

When a Problem Worms Its Way In

It was evident he was growing unhealthier day by day, but without a known cause, there was no solution. This meant he just had to suffer. He did not attend school; he could not help with chores. His life was painful and disheartening.

Then Food for the Hungry (FH) showed them a solution: deworming medication. It was obvious to staff that the problem was intestinal worms and a simple medication could make all the difference. (Click here to read more about FH’s deworming efforts.)

Belack’s father heard this great news in a session by FH staff to parents of sponsored children, and this small piece of information and education for Belack’s family would go on to change his life! He had HOPE!

Belack (second from left) is now able to faithfully attend school thanks to deworming medication and his family couldn’t be happier to see him thriving!

A Simple Solution to a Serious Problem

Belack’s father has since taken him to three deworming sessions and his life has already radically improved! His stomach returned to normal size. The smile came back to his face. He began to play and laugh again. He was able to just be a kid.

“We thank God Belack is healthy again,” Belack’s father said. “He no longer complains of stomach pain and diarrhea has stopped. He is dynamic and eats well again.”

Now Belack is in first grade and never misses school. He regained his appetite and is growing healthier all the time, a welcome change in his young life. Belack now has a bright future and his parents can rest easy knowing their boy is thriving.

Praise God!

You can help make this difference in the life of other children like Belack by giving here. Together we can give a child a hope and future through good health and nutrition.