Why Are We #WithRefugees?

 At Food for the Hungry (FH), standing with the more than 65 million refugees and displaced people around the world isn’t about a political stance. It isn’t about a popular hashtag. And it’s not just a convenient statement to make on World Refugee Day.

FH Founder Larry Ward

Food for the Hungry Founder Larry Ward

Instead, we stand with refugees because we believe it was our calling 46 years ago, that it’s our calling today on World Refugee Day, and that it will continue to be our calling tomorrow. FH founder Larry Ward began working with refugees from Vietnam in 1971, offering food to those facing starvation. He didn’t shy away from the hardest places on earth, believing that he (and we) must respond.

— “It all began with a refugee who cried out for help and with Larry Ward, who in turn cried out to God on his behalf” One at a Time

Today, our motivation has not changed. We strive to maintain the legacy of our founder. The calling from God to serve refugees continues to be a core part of our day-to-day mission. Whether in Northern Uganda, South Sudan, Syria, Lebanon and other parts of East Africa, we believe in responding to this worldwide crisis with generosity, wisdom and open hands.

We’ll continue to show up for refugees. Will you join us? Here’s how you can help:

South Sudanese Refugees

South Sudan refugees in Northern Uganda
Photo Credit: Helen Manson/Tearfund New Zealand


Lift up Syria, Northern Uganda, South Sudan, Lebanon and other parts of East Africa. Pray for the leaders of these countries and regions. Pray for the families and children whose lives have been torn apart by conflict.


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