Your Church Can Respond to Famine in South Sudan

Churches across the world are waking up to the famine that has struck East Africa. In South Sudan, climate conditions have combined with political conflict and a collapsing economy to bring devastation. The United Nations has declared a famine in South Sudan, where nearly half of the population now faces severe food shortages.

The Need in South Sudan

Food for the Hungry (FH) has a long history of partnership in South Sudan, having started work in the region in 2001. FH was present when South Sudan gained its independence in 2011, and today we are poised to intervene to stop hunger. We need the help of churches like yours who will join us through donations.

Famine in South Sudan has sent refugees to Uganda.

Distribution of seeds and tools to South Sudanese refugees in Lamwo, Uganda. Tools included hoes, twine, watering cans.

FH doesn’t just provide food for immediate relief–we help families to plant crops and gain a livelihood to support themselves for years to come. Your church’s donation to FH today will provide agricultural supplies including tools and training to families in South Sudan. We’ll distribute kits for families to grow vegetables and support themselves through fishing. We’ll provide community training to help families prepare their land and plant their crops to take advantage of the short rains that are expected soon.

How to Help

There are several ways your church can help in South Sudan.

  • Please pray. Lift up the people of South Sudan by asking God to provide rainfall and to bring peace. Pray that He would move local people to share their food with their neighbors. And please pray that FH would be able to intervene immediately through churches being mobilized to give
  • Take a special offering. Would you consider passing a special offering plate so that your congregation can respond to the crisis in South Sudan? You can contact our Church Engagement team if you need photos or more information to share on a Sunday morning.
  • Your church may be able to send a donation right now from your church’s budget. A donation of any amount will help toward the $596,050 needed to fund this project. 

Donations can be made online on our South Sudan giving page. You may also mail checks to FH headquarters in Phoenix, Ariz. Please mark your donation “Attn: Church Engagement” and mention South Sudan relief. Our Church Engagement team will contact you with updates on the impact of your donation.

What to Expect

If this is your church’s first time giving to FH, you may be wondering what you can expect. When your church funds an FH project, we pledge three things.

  1. We provide accountability. You will receive updates on progress, including photos when possible. Your gifts are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt.
  2. We ensure project oversight. FH staff will ensure that funds are handled responsibly. Our staff will budget expenses and oversee the work.
  3. We rigorously support good development. FH only proposes projects that are the most necessary, most sustainable, and highest priority. Our projects abide by solid community development practices, including the participation of community members wherever possible.

You can request more information on South Sudan, including a detailed proposal, by contacting our Church Engagement staff. Thank you for responding to the need in South Sudan.