The Food for the Hungry Chubby Cheeks product in the Gift Catalog is close to my heart. Maybe that’s because the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program here in America was invaluable to my family during seasons of financial hardship.

Whether in the developing world or here in the US, it’s hard to be poor. We compare ourselves to a neighbor who always seems to have more. We are acutely aware of what we lack.

I once worried about the nutrition of my babies and toddlers. My husband worked hard to make ends meet and ensure we avoided debt. I felt shame when someone suggested WIC. Then I saw how very, very eligible we were and swallowed my pride.

Guatemalan mother and child

It is not as fun to say, “formula voucher” as it is to say, “Chubby Cheeks!” And in my opinion, WIC’s advertising photos are not as cute as FH photos. Both are great programs – one being domestic and the other reaching out to other countries.

When my daughter and some of her friends hosted a fundraiser for FH, a co-worker gave me some props from the field. That’s when I discovered FH provides Chubby Cheeks for babies as well as nutritional supplement packets for expectant/nursing mothers.

This peanut-based food supplement is actually called Nutributter. It can drastically improve the health of chronically malnourished children. Without the necessary nutrients, young children are likely to suffer irreversible developmental losses. These supplements are ready-to-use and meet the specific health needs of children whose mothers are learning how to improve the family’s diet.

WIC is a huge government program in the United States. Chubby Cheeks is a small, simple FH program. Both warm my heart because I know they meet the needs of needy children. Amazingly, Chubby Cheeks in only $15 in the FH Gift Catalog, but it makes an incredible difference.