Haiti Stole My Heart

It’s been a three-year journey that started on September 7, 2014.

I had just started going to a new church.  The sermon was on What If. What if God was who he said he is? Not the God that we have designed but the One true God.

So, the question was, “Do I really believe God is who He says He is?”

I spent endless hours sitting at the Lords feet journaling, listening to God’s word and trying to understand what He had to say to me. Apparently, God had a lot to say, and over the next few years he wooed me with promises and blue birds, and I began to FULLY trust Him.

Fast forward to me quitting my corporate job, my daughter getting married, spending three months in Chattanooga, Tennessee with nothing but a suitcase full of clothes and the sale of my house in California. I finally came to Arizona and was hired on at Food for the Hungry.

Now, how did I end up in Haiti?

Well, I was walking with my best friend one day in 2016, and I said, “Maybe God wants me to go to Haiti.”

After working at FH for nine months, I attended a service at Palm Valley Church with another dear friend. During the service, someone in the church talked about their missionary ministry. Guess where they were going? Haiti. I knew then that I was ALL in, that this wasn’t a coincidence, but that this was God on the move.

Palm Valley Church (PVC) became involved with Haiti in 2009. They provide support for an orphanage. Many of the children in the orphanage have family who cannot afford to take care of them. Through Missions Door/Delta and Hunger Relief International, PVC to help the kids get food and go to school. They have set up a church right in the orphanage.

Then I got to go!

PVC in HaitiPVC’s primary mission during my trip was to continue to build their relationships and share the Gospel through proving basic medical care to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. So, we set up clinics with different sections for blood pressure and temperature checks, a space to see the doctor, a prayer room and a pharmacy. We saw about 300 families in three days. We also prayed with many of the patients, and 18 people made the decision to follow Christ and were immediately connected with the pastor in their community.

Through it all, I saw the hope in the children’s faces, the abundance of resources and God’s love for the country of Haiti. I came to realize that I never really knew what “real love” is. The God I know though—my Daddy, my King—did show me through these families and children in Haiti what “real love” is. It all goes deeper than words, or tender embraces. It’s never ceasing. It’s constant and can be harsh yet sweet at the same time because God is higher and bigger than we could ever imagine, and He loves us. He loves me.

Who did God create me to be? What does God have to say to me? As I’ve talked to God, and listened to God, and talked some more, God gave me Haiti because He knew I needed to be tested. He knew I needed to see how much He loves each individual on this Earth, and He wanted me to know He is the God He says He is.

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Terri Williams is a donation and correspondence processing representative at Food for the Hungry who recently visited Haiti.