3 Heartbreaking Stories That Have Changed My Life

Famine. Drought. Desperation. Dozens of heartbreaking stories with themes like this come across my desk each week. I work in the marketing department at Food for the Hungry, and before we send out emails, social media posts and other similar communications, we ensure that each person’s story is presented with dignity and hope. But, as I read updates from around the world, I often have to take a deep breath, hold back tears and nurse some heartache.

These stories from places like South Sudan, Lebanon and Ethiopia are devastating if we only focus on the sadness and desperation. However, at Food for the Hungry, we don’t just stop at telling sad stories. If we let them, the people we read about can change our lives! With every devastating narrative I read, I also get to see how Food for the Hungry is changing the lives of children and families globally. People around the world experience hope and restoration in the midst of tragedy because of partners like you.

Let these three stories touch your heart as they have mine. It’s worth the moments of sadness to read the hope-filled ending, I promise.

Adnan's family in LebanonAdnan Escapes Violence

Some days, carrying my daughter through the grocery store can seem like a chore. But then I read stories like Adnan’s and gain some much-needed perspective.

Adnan, a young boy, and his family fled Syria to escape the ongoing war and violence. The only way to cross the border into neighboring Lebanon was to climb a mountain during winter. Adnan’s mom had to carry three children — one child on each hip and a baby strapped to her back. Adnan suffers from partial blindness and various mental challenges. His mother relied on the help of a stranger to guide Adnan over the mountain.

The family now lives in a refugee camp where Food for the Hungry works in Lebanon. Though they continue to face obstacles, Adnan’s family have hope with the help of your gifts.

Young Girls’ Lives SavedMarie and her daughers in Burundi

As a mom to a young daughter, this story tugged my heartstrings. A mom named Marie in Burundi “was already counting my daughters among the dead.”

Her 4- and 5-year-old daughters, Siella and Vanessa, could hardly eat. They stopped growing. Their bellies were bloated. Their bodies were full of intestinal worms.

Marie faced poverty and couldn’t pay for medical treatment. She could hardly afford to keep food on the table. She was helpless.

But, this story has a happy ending. Marie and her daughters received medical treatment because a partner like you rescued them. Just a few pennies saved a life!

Mehedi and his family in BangladeshHeartbreak Turns to Happiness

My daughter suffers from asthma, but each month I know where we can pick up her prescription refill. But what if that wasn’t guaranteed? In Bangladesh, Mehedi’s parents faced that exact dilemma.

Mehedi suffered from intestinal parasites. But they had no way to treat it. Then, your generosity sent Food for the Hungry into his community, and we delivered deworming medication. Mehedi’s life changed! He’s happy, healthy and productive, never missing school anymore.

These are just three of the dozens of life-changing stories we share with our partners each year. Want to hear more? Follow us on Facebook or sign up to receive our email communications!