Clean Water for All: Is This possible?

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in. – Matthew 25:35

‘Tis the season when you’ll hear us talk a lot about our Food for the Hungry (FH) online gift catalog. Information about how you can give clean water, goats and more to people in extreme poverty fill our emails, blog and Facebook posts. And each Christmas season, because of your generosity, hundreds of families receive life-changing gifts.

One of the most urgently-needed items you can provide to a family is clean water. When children lack access to clean water sources, illness runs rampant, medical expenses pile up and kids miss many days of school. But dirty water doesn’t have to be the reality for millions around the world. Partners like you can change the trajectory of these families’ lives from despair to hope with the gift of a water filter.

Tweet: Looking for unique ways to celebrate Christmas? Give the gift of life. #cleanwater #waterfilterssavelives This: Looking for unique ways to celebrate Christmas? Give the gift of life. #cleanwater #waterfilterssavelives

Do Water Filters Really Change Lives?

Sawyer water filtersIn March 2017, the community in Huarmey, Peru faced deadly flooding and mudslides. The flooding affected more than 14,000 people. Soon, drinking and cooking water became contaminated. Parents only had yellow, dirty and polluted water to offer their small children. An increased number of diarrheal diseases were being reported. It broke our hearts.

Then, because of generous donations of water filters, FH was able to distribute 197 filters to 800 families in the region. The Sawyer water filter (available to donate for $68 here), filters out 99.99 percent of bacteria, parasites and particles. These filters work with water from any source without using chemicals, electricity or pumps. FH provided training, helping families to safely install and clean the filters in their homes.

Now, families in Huarmey can safely cook, drink and clean with local water sources. Children in this community are staying healthy! All because of one small but mighty water filter.

Can My Gift Really Help?

It may feel like one small item, like a $68 water filter, doesn’t really help people in poverty. But your gift truly brings hope and life! Take a look at some of the powerful ways clean water saves lives:

  • When a family has access to clean water, their health dramatically improves.
  • When health improves, children can attend school more regularly.
  • Access to clean water allows women to spend more of their time generating income for their families.
  • With clean water, families spend income on food and education instead of medical expenses.

This holiday season, you can rest assured that your gift of clean water has the power to change everything for people all over the world. Watch this video to learn more about our clean water gift catalog items: