Deworming Medication Gives Bangladesh Teen a Future

Have you ever tried to get your kid to eat when they didn’t feel like? Nearly impossible, right? Imagine if that was the struggle every single mealtime. And the problem wasn’t that the child was being grouchy but that they really couldn’t eat?

That’s one of the main problems caused by intestinal worms. Worms fill the stomach, making the child feel full even when they’ve had no food or nutrients. This, of course, results in extreme malnutrition and illness, which is why Food for the Hungry (FH) focuses efforts on deworming.

(Read more from the World Health Organization about intestinal worms here.)

This was Hasan’s story.

Hasan Ali suffered from intestinal worms until his family received deworming medication from Food for the Hungry.

Hasan is a 16-year-old boy who lives in Bangladesh. He was getting increasingly sick. He had bad diarrhea and his parents had to keep him home from school. Hasan never felt like eating, so he couldn’t get better. He began to miss more and more school and fell further behind. He grew weaker and his weight dwindled as his belly grew more distended.

There was an easy solution: deworming medication. (Read another story about FH’s deworming work by clicking here.)

The problem was that his parents had been misinformed and believed that deworming medication caused more problems than it solved. They believed the medication wasn’t effective at getting rid of worms. But that wasn’t all! They also believed that it caused nausea and diarrhea. There was no way they would let their kid take a medication that could make them worse!

Ridding the Community of Misconception

FH staff distribute deworming pills in Hasan’s community.

When FH began working in Hasan’s neighborhood, getting rid of the misconception around deworming medication was a top priority! FH Staff explained to Hasan’s parents and to others that deworming medication actually made a huge difference and would solve nearly all of Hasan’s problems.

Hasan’s parents were thrilled! They decided that it was, in fact, incredibly important for their son to take the medication, and that they had been wrong before.

Hasan’s health began improving almost immediately! The was able to get rid of the worms. His appetite returned and he could eat again. Because the diarrhea stopped, he could attend school. Hasan became a regular student again. He now is full of energy and enthusiasm. He’s even playing with his friends again!

You can help!

Hasan’s life drastically changed. He had hope and future he could count on.  You can help another child experience this type of transformation too!

De-worming pills are very effective at killing intestinal worms beginning with the first dose. Taking the pills twice a year will improve a child’s health and make them active again.

This is a simplest and most cost-effective intervention for improving health of children, and people like you can help improve the health of children all over the globe.

Please give today! You can deworm 500 children for just $35 or 1,000 children for $70! Your generous donation will make a huge difference. Click here to improve the health of 500 children. Click here to improve the health of 1,000 children.