Have a HEART … Not Knee Pads!

Sometimes protective gear is appropriate and quite necessary, depending on one’s job or activity. However, in a recent search online I learned baby knee pads exist. I laughed out loud!  Then, I felt sad that such a ridiculous-to-me product exists. As a parent, I realize many purchases are more about the mom than the baby. Many times, I’ve wanted to cover my children – physically and emotionally – in bubble wrap. But necessary growing pains exist. Discomfort often causes behavior change. When the end result is strong walking legs, some early bruises are worth it.

Tweet: Many desperately ill kids can't afford heart surgery. You can provide them with hope. See how at https://goo.gl/BfieUFTweet This: Many desperately ill kids in the 3rd world can’t get needed heart surgery. You can give them hope. See how at https://goo.gl/BfieUF.

When a child in the developing world has an expensive emergency medical need, those parents find themselves in a truly desperate situation. Without access to care, without money, I can only imagine the desperation a mom or dad feels. Where is the hope? Thanks to Food for the Hungry’s HEART (Health Emergency Action Response Team) program, families in the child sponsorship program have hope. A sponsored child receives a standard check-up once a year, just like American kids. During this appointment, a doctor can identify warning signs ahead of time and a solution can be pursued.

tithe a gift to the HEART fund

When you give to help special needs children through the HEART fund, you give a child another chance at life.

How much have you spend on sports gear so far, this autumn? Consider gifting a tithe of your spending (10%) toward HEART or unsponsored children. Click Here to learn more about HEART. If you’ve never sponsored a child before and would like to learn more, Click Here: see many faces, eager to know you and be known. You can specify a boy or girl and even choose from one of 16 countries where we serve.

Some people tithe on a gift: receive $500 and give $50 away. To me, gifting a tithe is intentionally offering up what I’ve already spent on stuff. Gifting a tithe, to me, is physically having something to give back to God. It’s a way I can symbolically give my children back to Him, the One who lets me raise them during my time here on earth. I fail miserably – but I know He is the Great Physician, Redeemer and Provider. On that, I must rely. If you’re unable to give at this time, please pray. On your knees – even with knee pads – is just fine.