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Vegetable Seeds Also Plant Hope

We all know the old adage, “you reap what you sow.” But what if you can’t sow anything? Well, then you reap nothing. This is the problem for so many people around the world, they know how to farm to some degree, but they don’t know what all they can grow and they don’t have the seeds to do it. This is why Food for the Hungry (FH) doesn’t just teach farming; FH equips beneficiaries for farming through education, improved water access, and vegetable seed distribution.

I have two brief stories to share with you today that illustrate the importance of vegetable seeds.

The first is from Ethiopia.

Dinkie’s Need for Seeds

Dinkie Kebede, 50, is widow with 5 children. Her life was changed when she received vegetable seeds from Food for the Hungry.

Dinkie was a 50-year-old widow living with her children in a severely drought-affected area. She didn’t have much land to farm and her access to water was limited. She was only growing one crop per season. To make matters worse, after her husband died, she was forced to sell all of her livestock in order to afford food for her family. Without livestock, farming only became more difficult.

Luckily, that isn’t the end of Dinkie’s story. FH intervened in her community and helped Dinkie radically change her circumstances. She joined an agriculture group where she received lessons on horticulture crops and fruit production. After her training, she received seeds for planting tomato, Swiss chard, potato, cabbage, and apples. She also received a watering can.

With the new seeds and a new well also built through FH, Dinkie was able to cultivate much more vegetables on her land. This gave her food for her family and enough left over to sell for additional income!

For Dinkie, vegetable seeds made all the difference. (You can read more about her story here!)

Haitian Man Receives Seeds and Hope for the Future

Odins Robert received vegetable seeds from FH and now he is able to provide for all his family’s needs.

Another powerful story comes from Haiti. Odins is a 51-year-old man whose life hasn’t always been easy. He struggles with farming because he is missing his left arm from the elbow down. This makes the labor strenuous, so he has to be as efficient as possible.

Though Odins grew up farming, he still never perfected a technique or knew much about what he could grow. He was harvesting very few crops and couldn’t figure out why.

Then FH invited Odins to farmer training and gave him vegetable seeds. He learned about rotating his crops and how to plant them better. With the new vegetable seeds and the new farming technique, he was seeing amazing results. In the first harvest following FH intervention, Odins harvested twice as many crops as he did the year before.

In his second harvest, the yield tripled. He rented additional land for planting even more vegetables like cabbages, peppers, spinach and eggplants. From that time forward, his family has always had vegetables available. Odins says his children became stronger, healthier and started to do better in school.

Vegetable seeds changed his life and the life of his family! (Read more about Odins story here!)

You Can Plant Hope, Too!

Stories like Dinkie’s and Odin’s are easy to make possible and we know people like you love to make a difference. For only $29, you can buy vegetable seeds that can transform the lives of people around the globe. Click here to give today!