Last-Minute Gifts That Change the World

Are you stumped on coming up with last-minute gifts? Whether you’re on the hunt for a thoughtful hostess gift or need something meaningful for the family gift exchange, below we’re sharing our top ideas for meaningful that require no shipping and can transform lives rather than add to the commercialism of Christmas. Our catalog items are gifts that last. They reflect generosity and love — reasons you give in the first place.

Each of these items helps you honor children and families who need it most. And, they give you a chance to share Food for the Hungry’s mission with family and friends in a tangible, generous way. From gifting school uniforms on behalf of your favorite scholar to coffee seedlings for the java nut in your life, we have the perfect last-minute gifts for each person on your list. Keep reading for our top 5 ideas just in time for Christmas:

1. They’ll be buzzing about this one ($178)

Your gift provides families in need with beehives and the tools needed to maintain them. The family will be trained on modern beekeeping, enabling them to earn income in the future. Click to give the gift of beehives to a family.

2. Sheep are never a baaaa-d idea ($51)

Cute, yes, but did you know that sheep can provide income for a family in poverty? Their wool can be sold or spun into clothing or blankets to sell at the market. They also create rich, organic fertilizer to improve fruit and vegetable harvests, which help fight malnutrition in children. Click here to give the gift of a sheep.

3. Dress for success ($15)

In many countries, schools require uniforms for attendance. Your gift provides this school essential to children who aren’t otherwise able to afford a uniform. This helps lead these kids to a bright future! Click here to give a school uniform.

4. We’ve brewed up a coffee-lovers dream ($15)

coffee seedlings

Your generosity provides an impoverished family with coffee seedlings to start growing coffee. This gift helps families ensure a steady flow of income, which can lift them out of poverty. Click to give the last-minute gift of coffee seedlings to a family in need.

5. Quick Pick: Vegetable seeds ($29)

Agriculture can be a key ingredient in breaking the cycle of poverty. When you give vegetable seeds, you’re offering families the supplies they need to grow a sustainable source of food and income. Click here to give seeds.

Thank you for giving this Christmas season to help end poverty around the world!