Don't Ring in 2018 Without Doing This

Another new year is upon us and the older I get, the faster they seem to come. I know I’m not the only one who can’t believe that it’s almost time to change the calendar out again, but alas here we are. Before you blow your noise-maker as the clock strikes 12, make sure you’ve finished your end of year giving.

This checkbox of things to do is much like other things in life. There’s nothing like a deadline to light a fire underneath you.

I tend to operate better under a tight deadline and tend to perform higher under pressure. If I have a long time to accomplish something, I find myself wasting time until that hour is right up on me. Then, I know that I have no choice but to kick it into high gear. There is no space to waste time and no room for mistakes.

What comes out of that is usually my best work. I don’t recommend this practice for everything as there is always something bound to go wrong. Such as traffic when you’re late to work or a crashed internet when you’re trying to pay that bill before the fine hits.

End of year giving seems to be another thing that gets pushed to the very end of each and every year.

We’re all consumed with Christmas preparations, and we think we’ll get to it before New Years. The next thing you know, you’re popping champagne and missed your chance to get your gift in for the year. You’ll get a nice reminder of your misstep come tax season.

So let’s give ourselves a bit of margin, shall we?

Let’s make our year-end giving count. Don’t rush to find cell service at your neighbor’s party right before the ball drop. All so you can fulfill that last bit of philanthropic good in 2017.
Here’s to New Year’s resolutions, starting with my call to stop procrastinating. Cheers to doing better in 2018.

Here are some ideas from the Food for the Hungry gift catalog that you might consider giving to right now.


Giving coffee seedlingsCoffee Seedlings: 20 coffee seedlings are enough to start a thriving coffee plot. Successful coffee cultivation can provide a vulnerable family the means to create a sustainable livelihood. Coffee is an important cash crop in many parts of the world. This plot ensures a steady stream of income through the sale of coffee.



Giving water filterWater Filter: Provide a vulnerable family with life-changing access to clean water with a Sawyer Point One Water Filter. Families can filter water from any source without chemicals, electricity or pumps. The filter removes 99.9 percent of all harmful pathogens from water.




Giving Bibles

Bible: Give a gift with an eternal impact with a Bible. These Bibles have been translated into the recipient’s native language, making it easy to read and understand.




Giving ChickensTwo Chickens: Give a family two chickens they can use to improve their lives. Chickens provide a sustainable source of protein through their daily eggs. This improves the nutrition of children. Families can earn an additional income by selling eggs or chicks.