One Sunday to Change the World Through Sponsorship

What if your church could change the world in one weekend?

On May 6, 2018, your church can join other congregations across the nation for Hunger Sunday. It’s a time to share the opportunity to end poverty for children, families, and communities around the world.

At Food for the Hungry (FH) we seek to end ALL forms of human poverty. We go into the hard places and closely walk with the world’s most vulnerable people. For over four decades, we have partnered with churches, leaders, and families. Together, we usher justice and renew communities so God’s purpose is revealed in each person we serve. We courageously seek out the overlooked and advocate for the underserved.

On Hunger Sunday, you can invite families and individuals in your church to end poverty through child sponsorship.

What is Hunger Sunday?

Hunger Sunday, on May 6, 2018, is a nation-wide day in partnership with FH to spread awareness about child sponsorship. If your church has a scheduling conflict, we’re happy to help you select another day.

Why child sponsorship?

When you sponsor a child, you not only walk with that child, but with their entire community. Through child sponsorship, FH actively partners with everyone in the child’s life–churches, leaders, and families. All of these groups and individuals have been placed by God in a child’s life to help him or her to thrive. By building these relationships, we usher justice and renew communities. The end result is that the child’s reality is no longer one of poverty, but of plenty.

Most of all, we seek to end ALL forms of human poverty by going into the hard places and closely walking with the world’s most vulnerable people. Children who are sponsored with FH are at the core of what drives community development.

What happens on Hunger Sunday?

Your Hunger Sunday can be as unique as your congregation. FH will provide child sponsorship packets and a video. We’ll send a flash drive with digital resources to print and share, and even stickers for your staff and volunteers to wear! You’ll share a story provided by FH or one of your own, show the video, and provide child sponsorship opportunities.

In addition, some churches also use our resources to preach a sermon on poverty or to have a special focus in their children’s ministry and youth ministry.

Where do I sign up?

Church Engagement staff are ready to receive your registration and answer your questions. Read more about Hunger Sunday, or go straight to our registration page to sign up.