Volunteer in an Office, Change the World

Have you ever considered that you could work to end poverty while stuffing envelopes? Barbara Chapman, Volunteer Recruiter for Food for the Hungry (FH), sees it happen every day. She connects volunteers in our Phoenix office with opportunities to impact communities globally.

“My job is to represent a people who face some of the most heartwrenching situations every day of their lives,” Barbara said. “They are hundreds of miles away yet they are still my neighbor. I have the opportunity to be their voice in a most unusual way.”

Bob and his church small group serve regularly as office volunteers.

Recently, Barbara started working with a small group from Central Christian Church in Glendale, Ariz. Bob Kuest, who leads the group, learned that FH was looking for volunteers. As an adjunct professor at Hope International University, Bob had known of FH for years. But he didn’t know that FH worked with volunteer groups in their Phoenix office.

Bob worked with Barbara to schedule a time for his group to serve in the Phoenix office.

“We brought our LifeGroup to FH to stuff envelopes that would send letters from children to their sponsors,” Bob said.

Why volunteer?

The office work done by volunteers at the FH office is different from the ways one might think about helping vulnerable people. However, it has a tremendous impact.

Volunteers offset the costs of paid staff, allowing FH to excel in financial stewardship and increasing the impact on the field.

“The work is in our Production and Communication Department,” Barbara explained. “It involves a lot of assembling mailings, stuffing envelopes, and matching up numbers and names.”

Volunteers offset the costs of paid staff, allowing FH to excel in financial stewardship and increasing the impact on the field. In addition to volunteering, you can learn more about how people around the world are being impacted by FH programs every day.

“We were excited to see the connection FH maintains with the child sponsors,” Bob explained. “The notes and pictures were heartwarming.”

An Organized and Fun Experience

Volunteers at FH encounter an environment that is well-organized and thoughtful so that every volunteer knows they have made a contribution.

“We were astounded at the orderliness of the letter-stuffing routine,” Bob said. “Although we had to match names with children, the staff made it very easy. We found the FH office staff to be very pleasant and helpful. They consistently came into to encourage us, to offer drinks and snacks. They also let us know we were appreciated.”

Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals and Groups

Barbara reports that FH has the capacity to accommodate additional volunteers in the downtown Phoenix office.

“We are looking for servant-hearted volunteers who are energetic, committed, flexible, and passionate team players,” she said. “We also need them to come with attention to detail and the ability to focus on a repetitive task.”

Individuals may also volunteer for a minimum of three hours between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm,  Monday through Friday. Large groups may also serve on Saturday mornings beginning at 9 am. They’re asked to serve for a minimum of three hours.

In addition, teens ages 14 and up are also welcome to volunteer. They will be required to submit a signed consent from a parent or guardian. Teens under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Also, Barbara welcomes calls and emails from potential volunteer groups and individuals. “I am privileged to meet people who are looking for an opportunity to serve while meeting a need they cannot see,” she said. “Each meeting is an opportunity for a connection.”

As for Bob’s life group, they are planning to return again to volunteer. Bob said, “We want to come back because we felt valued.”

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