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Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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6 Poems You Should Read For World Poetry Day

In honor of World Poetry Day on March 21 this week, I wanted to share six poems with you about poverty, war, child labor, justice, and God. Poetry provides us a powerful insight into the perspective of others, and is a phenomenal outlet for self-expression.

I hope you enjoy.

To learn what Food for the Hungry (FH) is doing about these problems, click here.

  1. Is Justice Worth It? by World Relief feat. Micah Bournes

  2. Stop Child Labor Now by Simon Amu

    Why subject them to danger and risk?
    If they represent something so special
    Why not attend to them with such brisk?
    Especially, when things look crucial
    Every child is an important element
    It’s been my intent to save every child
    Come on, this is not an experiment
    I am stopping it with every effort in wild
    I am so determined to stop this train
    Hopefully, I am not alone but in a team
    Working to stop child labor again and again
    Oh yeah! That’s also my dream
    Please just help get the message across
    We are here to help carry the cross

    The time is very due!
    The time to stop it all
    Time to stop this bad act.
    The act of child laboring.
    Set the children free.
    Save our future leaders.
    Save them from suffering.
    And save our dear future.
    Nourish them with much care.
    Give them the needed attention.
    And Stop Child Labor, stop it now.
    Stop it completely, stop it for good.
    This is only one way we can.
    To save our wonderful future

    I can see only one way
    Only one way to save our tomorrows.
    The children we see today,
    Are the instrumental future leaders.
    Perhaps they are the hope of the future.
    With arms in arms, wake wild and bold.
    That we may soon arrest this saga.
    The little children, our future heroes
    Suffers a lot and we can testify this.
    It is most happening in Africa.
    And far in the corners of Asia
    Save them from risk and danger
    Make life live wealthy for them
    It’s our very very responsibility
    To protect the future leaders

    There has been several efforts.
    I know many people are hard on it
    Deep in it with all arms widely open
    Wild in it with all eyes watching over
    Just to bring this child labor thing to a stop

    I know brethrens and sistrens across the globe.
    Who are working with real energy
    To put this child labor thing away.
    Ranging from the United Nations’
    Conscious and sub conscious efforts.
    Through UNICEF and other wings
    To save the future leaders everywhere.
    Just can’t refuse to regard that great work
    Also the relentless efforts by corporate bodies.
    Such as NGOs, Governments and other institutions
    That fights every night and day across the globe.
    To save the future of our precious world.
    Just can’t imagine the world of tomorrow
    All so without the children of today.
    Now the call is clear and loud
    Wake up and join in the fight
    To Stop Child Labor Now

    A boy carries bricks at a brick-making factory in Bangladesh. FH is working to end child labor around the world. Click here to learn more.

  3. Each Man for Himself by tyktmy


    Children starving,
    children dying.

    While the world just sits there,

    Living in their own worlds,
    without a care in the world.

    Not worried because it’s not them
    out there all alone.

    Why should we care?
    Who are they?
    Take care of our own first.

    But they are our own
    because we are all one.

    We’ve got to take care of each other,
    for if you don’t take care of them,

    Who will take care of you?

    A young girl stands inside of a building in Guatemala.

  4. Allow Me to Re-Introduce the Christ by Blair Wingo


  5. A Rose Falling Whilst Blooming by Zuhura Seng’enge

    The presence predetermines the future
    Steps made from here leave a mark
    If you want to be remembered,
    Your story to be told for generations
    Be incomparable, do the unforgettable,
    Make the world bloom with your essence.

    Let the love in your heart show in your eyes
    Let your kind soul fill lips with smiles
    Like the sun, fill the earth with your light
    Bring back hope in people’s lives
    Put together all missing pieces
    Be the song that everyone listens.

    Make history even though you may not see it
    For it is an idea that makes all the difference
    It is an idea that builds dreams and thoughts for the future
    It is an idea that saves lives and bring comfort
    Men may die but their ideas always prevail
    For it is for a fact, that a great thought never fails.

    If you want to change the world, first change yourself
    Live by principles, stand by the decisions you make
    For the presence predetermines the future
    Steps made from here will leave mark
    If you want to be remembered,
    Your story to be told for generations
    Be incomparable, do the unforgettable,
    Be the rose falling whilst blooming.

  6. What If? by Jon Jorgenson


To give to FH and help spread hope to the most vulnerable people, please click here.