How You Can End Poverty While You Watch Baseball

If you love baseball, then let’s celebrate the upcoming season together. But did you know that you can help end poverty while you enjoy baseball? Seriously!

You’re probably familiar with us here at Food for the Hungry (if not, welcome here!) So you already know how to partner with us to end poverty across the globe. But have you heard about Striking Out Poverty?

Striking Out Poverty (SOP) is a campaign under FH Champions, a collective of athletes who are striving to impact the world. SOP seeks to unite baseball players and their fans to raise money for various causes.

But how does it work? 

Dee Gordon stands with children in the Dominican Republic.

Pledge with Players for Awesome Plays

Striking Out Poverty asks baseball players to make a pledge campaign relating to their position on the baseball field (such as $100 for every hit, or $200 for every base stolen). Then you join them by adding your gift to that pledge, making each achievement on the field mean even more across the globe. This money goes toward things like clean water in the Dominican Republic, helping refugees in Syria, building sports fields for impoverished communities, and more.

But that’s not all!

Adam Wainwright, starting pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and founder of Big League Impact, has pledged to match what each player raises up to $75,000. This means your money goes even further!

It’s seriously awesome.

Imagine watching your favorite player hitting a home run and getting to celebrate that success for two reasons—not only did your guy hit one out of the park, but you also just helped give clean water to families who need it. Doesn’t sound half bad.

But if that’s not exciting enough, there are even more awesome incentives.

A boy in the Dominican Republic gets ready to bat.

You can also earn rewards!

By donating to a player’s pledge campaign, you can earn awesome items such as t-shirts, signed baseballs and bats, tickets to games and VIP experiences such as on-field passes for batting practices, and meet-and-greets with players.

There’s really no way to lose.

(Click here to learn more about Striking Out Poverty)

You can make a BIG difference

And it’s so easy to get involved!

So far, two players have live campaigns on Pledge It: Dee Gordon and Nick Ahmed.

To support Dee Gordon as he steals bases, click here.

To pledge with Nick Ahmed as he hits away poverty, click here.

And there will be so many more pledges to come! Follow along on SOP’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Can’t Wait?

You can always give directly to SOP by clicking here.

Two boys play baseball in the Dominican Republic.