How Your Giving Heart Literally Saved a Life

I’m going to go out on a ledge here and guess that you’re a compassionate person. If you’re here reading this blog, I’m guessing you care about Food for the Hungry (FH) and pray with us or even donate.
Well now, I have a major announcement.

Muzahid feels hopeless, wondering if he will get the funds for his heart surgery. We know now that you helped make that happen and saved his life.

You helped save Muzahid’s Life!

As an infant and toddler, it became noticeable that Muzahid had clubbing fingers and toes, a distended belly, and a blue tint to his gums and lips. His parents wondered if his symptoms were a sign of malnutrition, which is a common problem in Bangladesh, where Muzahid lives. (Click here to read more about our work in Bangladesh). But they started to fear that it was something much worse.
Muzahid’s doctors found that he was born with a serious heart malformation called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) with pulmonary atresia. (Click here to read about this condition from the American Heart Association.)
“I had a serious heart defect which made me weak. I could not go to school or play with my friends,” Muzahid said.”
If not treated immediately, Muzahid was unlikely to survive.

“I felt as though my heart burned and I couldn’t bear it at all,” Muzahid said.

But God had a special plan for Muzahid, and that plan included you!

His family could not afford the urgently necessary surgery, but the FH H.E.A.R.T. Fund was able to provide the funds needed, and Muzahid got the life-saving surgery.

“Now, I am totally changed and I am regaining my strength and power,” Muzahid said. “I am physically strong enough now that I started going back to my school.”

Muzahid’s mother, Rozina Begum, is filled to the brim with gratitude for the generosity of donors like you.


Rozina and Muzahid are so excited that his heart is now healthy! Thanks to donors like you, he has a chance at a future.

“Words alone cannot describe my gratitude for such a noble act, only God knows,” Rozina said. “My son was living a life of hopelessness and without any optimism that he would ever experience a life free from that terrible disease he had. I am very grateful and pray that the Lord abundantly bless those who contributed to Muzahid’s health. It again proves that God is good to us.”

Now, Muzahid can go on to live a normal and healthy life. Muzahid is a living testimony to what our God can do in the lives of those who trust in Him.

Have a heart, save a heart!

We are praising God for this amazing story and we are so grateful for donors like you. But the work isn’t over. There are many more vulnerable children who need life-saving medical treatment they cannot afford. Without the generosity of donors like you, they may not survive.

You can give a child like Muzahid a chance at a better life, and hope for the future. Please donate here to make another story like this possible.