5 Ways You Can Help the Fight for Global Fair Labor

Monday, September 3 is Labor Day. It’s a day that we as Americans can celebrate all those who came before us to fight for 40-hour work weeks, weekends, breaks, paid vacation, minimum wage, FMLA, sick leave, and child labor laws. What a joyous holiday to celebrate!

Unfortunately, around the globe, not all people are afforded this type of workers rights. People struggle to make ends meet. Children work to help provide for their families. Parents work endless hours or risk losing their jobs. Lack of skills training traps families in poverty. Food for the Hungry works to fight against child labor, and provide jobs skills training that empower people to work toward a better future. And we know you care about fair labor too!

So this Labor Day, while we honor those who made life easier for us, let’s think on how we can extend that to our brothers and sisters across the globe.

Here are 5 ways you can help fight for global fair labor:

1.) Only support companies that use fair labor practice.

More companies than you think utilize unfair labor practices. You can learn a bit here about where to buy ethical clothes (click here) or ethical chocolate (click here!) But there’s so much more to learn about. If a company you are interested in doesn’t disclose where they source their materials, ask questions. And demand they practice ethical labor laws.

2.) Learn as much as you can.

stage child labor situation

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, whole industries in certain regions are known for their corrupt practices. By clicking here, you can learn about goods around the world that are produced using forced labor and/or child labor. It’s a wonderful tool to know where to start.

3.) Stay informed!

Follow the Fair Labor Association on Facebook, and follow along as they work with global affiliates to ensure fair labor practices in even the most vulnerable places. Each time they post, educate yourself on the problem and then…

4.) Pray.

We know that prayer is one of our most powerful tools. Let’s ask God together to protect those living in extreme poverty who are victim to unjust laws that have no way out. Thank the Lord that we were lucky enough to be born in a country where we have laws for our protection.

5.) Provide a way out for a child in need.

Helping a child stay in school is of vital importance to their long term work experience. You can directly help a child stay in school by giving here toward a uniform, a requirement in many places in the developing world.