5 Places to Buy Jewelry and Help Women

If you’re anything like me, you love jewelry. But like anything else, so much of it is produced in poor conditions, often utilizing slave labor or even child labor. I already shared with you five great chocolate companies (click here to read it if you haven’t) and five amazing clothing places (click here to read that too!) But who can do without jewelry to complete that ensemble?

Here are five amazing jewelry lines that not only strictly avoid unethical production and labor practices, but help women across the globe.

  1. Akola

    Akola is a nonprofit jewelry brand that works to empower women in Uganda and Dallas, TX. They work with 500 women who are experiencing poverty to redesign the future of their families. Akola says they reinvest 100% of the revenue in the women and their communities.

  2. Purpose Jewelry

    Purpose Jewelry believes that “you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to make a difference.” Purpose Jewelry works with women who have been rescued from human trafficking to provide them with skills training and a stable income.

  3. Starfish Project

    From their website: “Starfish Project restores hope to exploited women in Asia. We provide life-changing opportunities through our Holistic Care Programs and our social enterprise where women create beautiful jewelry and become managers, accountants, graphic designers, and photographers.” Starfish Project provides vocational training, health care, housing, counseling, and education grants for their employees and their children.

  4. Raven + Lily

    Working with over 1,500 female artisans around the world, Raven + Lily provides, safe working conditions, sustainable income, and health care. But not only that! Purchases help fund micro-loans to female entrepreneurs in their partner communities.

  5. Same Sky

    Same Sky works to create employment opportunities for women stuck in the cycle of poverty. They work with women in Rwanda and the USA. In Rwanda, they provide their artisans 8 times the median hourly wage. Same Sky also reinvests 100% of proceeds into training and employment for more artisans in need.


If you don’t want to buy new clothes today but you still want to provide job skills training to vulnerable people around the globe, please click here to give today.