Letter Writing isn't a Dying Art in Child Sponsorship

What is it about getting a handwritten letter in the mail? Not an email, or a text message or some kind random shout out on Instagram or Facebook, but a handwritten note. In all honesty, I’m a bit sad that this is a dying art and it’s slowly being replaced.  Recently I was given a journal and I decided that starting on my oldest daughters first birthday which I would write her little handwritten notes in this journal until her 18th birthday and then I would hand it to her.

I want her to know that being her mom had hard points but is also so rewarding. I want her to know that she has the best 2-year dance moves I have ever seen in my life and that she literally makes me laugh out loud anytime she hops up on a stage to showcase those moves for the world.

Letters build relationships.

I started that journal about a year and a half ago and it got me to think about other relationships I have that I could be impacting with handwritten letters. My husband and I love child sponsorship as a way to serve the vulnerable. We sponsor a sweet girl in the Philippines named Aly and I wrote her infrequently at best. Why am I so deliberate with my children and not my sponsored child? Aly is just as beloved as my own little girls. So I started to write her letters more frequently too.


Letters can make a big difference in child sponsorship.

I know the facts about writing your sponsored child, I do work at Food for the Hungry after all. I know that writing them means they are more likely to stay in school. It means they are usually less prone to depression as they have someone cheering them on. The stats go on and on, but mostly for me, I realized that it’s the importance of the relationship. I want Aly and all people to know how deeply cherished by God they truly are. When I do write Aly, the letters I get back are incredible. You can tell that she was excited to get a letter from me, hear about my life here and share about hers there. A simple, handwritten letter really does make the world of difference in one life.

2 years ago my husband and I had the privilege of visiting some field staff in Guatemala. I can testify that the children LOVE getting letters and they actually love writing letters back to you. The younger kids needed help with spelling and thinking of creative questions, but each of those children were so excited for their letters to be read to them and to have the chance to respond. Handwritten letters are bringing smiles to faces all over the world. I found some of my favorite child letters to share with you!

Writing is easy.

A letter makes a bigger difference than you might realize. There are a couple of easy ways to write your child: you can mail us your letter directly to our Phoenix office or you can email childmail@fh.org. I would suggest taking the time to sit down and write the letter, but either way, our teams will take good care of that note so that a child across the world can know that someone else is thinking and praying for them. That makes the world of difference. Learn about child sponsorship for yourself here

“If anyone compels you to go with them one mile, go also the second mile.”- Matthew 5:41

Here are some examples of the sweet letters we see every day from sponsored children.