World Food Day - 1 in 820 Million

Join Food for the Hungry as we celebrate World Food Day and raise awareness for those around the world that suffer from food insecurity. Each year, over 150 countries celebrate World Food Day, shining a light on the different issues that prevent millions of people from accessing nutritious food.

1 in 820 Million

Anitha is one of these people. As a mother and farmer living in the Kiri community of Burundi, food insecurity affected Anitha in a personal way. Before FH teamed up with her community, malnutrition ran rampant. “Due to the struggle to access food, many children in my community, including my son Romeo, suffered from malnutrition. We were very disappointed and felt so much stress while facing these challenging situations.”  Often times with less than a meal per day, Anitha and her husband struggled to provide enough food for their children. Malnutrition led to a host of illnesses that required expensive medical attention, stretching their thin funds even thinner.

When FH began working alongside the Kiri community, Anitha learned hygiene practices and restorative farming methods. These methods allowed her to diversify her crops so she could provide enough food for her family each day. Now she has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables she grows year round.

Now a leader in her community cascade group, Anitha teaches 20 other women the importance of practicing hygiene and nutrition. Anitha’s teachings help ensure that her family and community will have the knowledge and resources to live healthy and hunger-free lives.

Anitha’s story is one of many. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), more than 820 million people around the world suffer from undernourishment– that’s more than twice the population of the United States!

What Can I Do?

820 million is a daunting number, especially when it’s describing how many people regularly go without enough food. Now for the good news – you can make a difference!

Learn and Advocate. Did you know hunger is the leading cause of death around the world ahead of AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria combined? Take a look at the materials on world hunger.   Then see how you can become an advocate in your own neighborhood.

Engage. Want to make a lifestyle change? The FAO promotes individuals adapting their habits to focus on more sustainable lifestyles. Shopping from local farms and producing less waste are effective ways to be mindful of the resources that many people around the world don’t have.

Give. One of the most tangible ways to help fight hunger worldwide is to make a donation. You can help families like Anitha’s by purchasing vegetable seeds, providing food that will keep them strong and healthy.

Pray. Most importantly, join FH in praying over our staff and the communities we work with.  This World Food Day, pray for individuals that aren’t sure where their next meal will be coming from.