Pick up a Pen: It's National Letter Writing Day

I am enamored with the idea of receiving a letter. Not the kind that contains a bill, or is from a bank trying to convince me to sign up for their platinum rewards card. An honest to goodness letter. A handwritten account of someone’s day, a story or even an observation on the irony of communicating via snail mail when texting is light years faster.

Maybe it’s because I’m a child of technology and instant gratification that I gravitate to a more traditional means of communication. Maybe I really am just tired of sorting through junk mail everyday. Regardless, there is just something about receiving a handwritten letter that no digital medium can replace. Knowing that someone took the time to sit down, reflect on and compose their thoughts onto a piece of paper meant just for me feels special.

For the children in our communities around the world, the feeling is similar! Each letter that makes its way into a child’s hands is one more reminder of your support. By letting your child know a little about your life, they get to know you more as an individual. It also lets them practice writing back. When you support a child’s education by purchasing something from our gift catalog as simple as school supplies, you equip them with tools like pencils and paper to have the ability to write all year long.

Today, December 7th is National Letter Writing Day. Celebrate with us by setting aside time in your schedule to write a letter to your sponsor child. It doesn’t have to be very long or complicated, but receiving a letter from you will be the highlight of their day. Not sure where to start? Check out 5 Things To Include in Your Child Sponsorship Letters for some ideas so that you can get started.

Nicaraguan boy receives letter from his child sponsor

Get your family involved for some Family Night Fun! Spend a night together writing letters and drawing pictures to your sponsor children. You can make your letters even more special by adding stickers and pictures of your family. Give your child faces to place with the names on the letters they receive so they know who’s thinking of them. Want to send a small gift? Check out our list of great items that can be sent to our communities.

Where Should I Send My Letter Now?

You can mail your letters here:

Food for the Hungry
Attn: Child Sponsorship Department
1224 E. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Before you drop your letters off at the post office, please make sure to write your child’s ID number on the envelope. This will help the sorting process go faster, which will in turn help your letter get to your child faster. You can also write a letter to your child online.

We processed over 200,000 pieces of correspondence this year, we can’t wait to receive yours!