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Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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Giving Tuesday Recap: Blessing Children with Bibles

At Food for the Hungry, Giving Tuesday signifies a time to pray, share, and donate to help end all forms of poverty — physical and spiritual. This year, we invited you to join us in making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in the communities we serve by gifting a Bible, or several! 

Why a Children’s Bible?

In many of the communities Food for the Hungry (FH) serves worldwide, we often witness spiritual poverty, or a lack of biblical worldview, which keeps families and children isolated from the hope they desperately need to live out their God-given potential. That’s why we work with communities to bring the love of Jesus in a culturally appropriate way by walking with families and children in relationship. Through after-school clubs, Bible studies, and home groups, FH provides biblical lessons to shift worldview and connect people to God’s love in profound ways. 

And Bibles are essential spiritual building blocks in this work. Particularly, when you gift a child with a colorful, easy-to-understand Bible, you help teach them that God loves them and cares for them. This special gift also has a long-term impact.

Sadly, in many places where FH serves, children do not have access to Bibles. But you can help change that this Giving Tuesday. Read the stories below to see the kind of transformation you made possible with your gift on Giving Tuesday.

Bible Verse Changes Young Girl’s Life

After attending values training, Avegail Fuedan began praying more. Her parents even noticed that she became kinder and more helpful.

After attending values training, Avegail Fuedan began praying more. Her parents even noticed that she became kinder and more helpful.

Avegail is a 10-year-old girl in the Philippines. She is the youngest of three children and lives with her mother and siblings. Her father is an overseas laborer, working hard to provide for his family. Avegail and her family live a simple life, but Avegail found that she still struggled to have a good attitude and maintain good relationships with others. When FH began working in her community, she began attending the Values Formation classes every weekend. 

One of the first verses she learned from the Bible during these classes was John 14:6, in which Jesus says, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This verse, learning how to pray, and other lessons changed Avegail’s life. She started to pray for her family to be safe at all times. She prayed for her own continued education. And Avegail began to be more loving and respectful toward her mother, too. And she stopped fighting with other children. Learning about God’s love for her helped Avegail love and value her family and friends. 

Learning About God’s Love in Rwanda

In Rwanda, learning about God’s love through the Bible and church services, helped little Francoise see her own value. Francoise’s family lived in very impoverished conditions and felt they had no value compared to others. In fact, their community had been historically marginalized. After Francoise because a sponsored child and the family began attending church and Bible study classes, they were shocked to learn that God had created them in His image and has good plans for them. They thought they would always live in poverty — spiritually and physically. 

Since attending FH Bible study classes and by reading the Bible, the family’s worldview has changed significantly. By learning the value of their lives, they have come to value other things, such as education. Francoise is now excelling in school and is among the top five students in her class. She is excited for her future and knows God has good plans for her.

Children’s Bible Teaches Peruvian Family About Love

Youth in Peru receive Bibles. Juan sits with his sister and mother reading the Bible

Reading the Bible more and more, 8-year-old Juan learned the value of God’s love.

Before learning about God’s love, Juan was a very sad and angry 8-year-old boy in Peru. His parents were also always angry and constantly yelled and him and his sister. Following their example, Juan began to yell at his sister and began to pick fights at school with other children. He felt this was the only way to work through his frustrations. And he felt misunderstood by his parents. 

When FH began serving in his community, Juan began attending the workshops. In these workshops, he learned about the Bible, biblical principles, and God’s love for him. As he started to read the Bible more and more, he realized that being angry was not what God wanted for his life. He was eager to share these lessons with his mother and sister. He began praying for his family until … his family started praying together! He and his family now treat each other with respect and love and have become very close. Anger no longer has a seat at the table in their home. 

Giving Tuesday Challenge

Without tools like Bibles, Avegail, Francoise, Juan, and other children like them may not ever hear of God’s love and plan for their lives through Jesus Christ. Missed Giving Tuesday? There is still time to make a difference by gifting one or several, children’s Bibles to help us provide a total of 3,000 copies by year’s end! Will you help us reach our goal?  

Click here to bless a child with the gift of eternal impact today.

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