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Tigist Finds a Future in Clean Water

Fetch water or eat breakfast? Use the water to bathe or wash clothes? These were the decisions Tigist and her children had to make on a daily basis because their community lacked clean water.

The Past Before Clean Water

Tigist and her four children live in a small community in the Angacha area of Ethiopia. In their community, there was no access to clean water. They would have to walk 30-minutes one-way to fetch water from the river. The road was unpaved and it was a challenging walk.

For years, the family lived in the same old cycle.

Every morning, the children would fetch water before school. They often ran out of time in the mornings so they wouldn’t eat breakfast. They had such little energy, it was difficult for them to focus and learn in school.

Because of the lack of water, the children’s clothes were rarely washed. In fact, they would wear the same dirty clothes to school day after day.

No one bathed nearly enough because water was so scarce. Many nights, the children went to bed without having washed their hands and faces.

Tigist faced daily challenges.

Tigist spent so much time each day fetching water that she had very little time to prepare meals for her family. She was concerned for her children as they didn’t have the energy to learn in school. She even started to see her children’s appearances change because of the shortage of water. On top of that, she experienced back pain due to carrying the heavy water jugs so many miles each day.

In the midst of these daily challenges, it was difficult to be hopeful about the future or imagine anything changing. That’s where you enter their story.

What Changed?

Friends like you gave to Food for the Hungry (FH) and helped fund a project in Tigist’s community. Working with the community members, FH constructed a water hand pump.

The community is responsible for managing and maintaining the water hand pump. They have been trained to care for the system with a pump toolkit so it can be a sustainable source of clean water long into the future.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Tigist and her community now have access to clean water. They no longer have to travel 30-minutes each way to the river to fetch water.


Using the new water hand pump.

The Future With Clean Water

Clean water has changed the future for Tigist and her family.

Since she doesn’t have to spend as much time fetching water, she now has plenty of time to prepare meals for her family. The children also have more time in the morning for breakfast so they have the energy to learn in school. In addition, a greater supply of water means the children can bathe more frequently and their clothes get washed more often.

Tigist has hope for the future.

“My hope for the future is to see my community free of the water-shortage burden, children washing, and drinking as much water as they can!”


Children now have access to clean water right within their own community.

Now, there is no longer a shortage of clean water in Tigist’s community. Her family isn’t forced to make the difficult decisions of fetching water or eating breakfast; or using the water to bathe or to wash clothes.

Tigist is thankful to God for allowing FH to enter her community and help them solve such a critical problem.

FH in Ethiopia

Since 1984, FH has walked alongside communities in Ethiopia to respond to human suffering and help people rise out of poverty. In 2019, FH in Ethiopia reached more than 950,000 people through work in areas like agriculture, health, water, and livelihoods. You can be part of this transformation when you give to Food for the Hungry’s work in countries like Ethiopia today!

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