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This Quiz Tells You Which Gift Catalog Item to Give

This Quiz Will Tell You Which Gift Catalog Item to Give

The Food for the Hungry 2019 Gift Catalog is full of so many great options! Will you give to clean water in the Dominican Republic? Or give a sheep to a family in Ethiopia? What about the popular hygiene kit for girls?

It’s hard to go wrong with your gift catalog giving. But you might also want to give a gift that speaks into something about your life. The questions below will help you make this one decision a little bit easier.

Through a short game of “would you rather,” we’ll help you know which gift to give this year. 

At the end of a long day, would you rather… unwind with a hot bath OR curl up with a good book? 

If you said hot bath…you must have access to hot, piped water in your home. For others, like those FH serves in Bangladesh, the closest water can be far away in a stagnant pool that’s not even clean for drinking. If you love relaxing in a hot bath after a hard day, consider the privilege you have of access to clean water…and think about giving a home well that will provide clean drinking water to several families in Bangladesh. 

If you said good book…you must know the power of a well-told story. And you probably what a vital role literacy plays in child development and in empowering students to succeed in their education. Give a storybook to a child who may just be learning to love a good book, and pass on the gift of education…a gift which can’t be stolen. 

We know that you have amazing style. Would you rather…wear a warm, cozy sweater OR dress professionally in business wear and a button-down?

If you said cozy sweater… In countries like Ethiopia and Kenya, agriculture and livestock-rearing are a big way that families can farm and gain a good income. For some families in this rural context, FH provides sheep to vulnerable families who have been faithfully participating in agricultural training. When you give a sheep, you are supporting the livelihoods practice that allows family to breed and raise sheep and sell their products, like wool, for household income. Wool can be made into all kinds of household items…including sweaters!

If you said button-down… You might be a person who cares how you dress. You know that looking sharp can impact your success. Students in vulnerable contexts know that too… In countries where school is free but uniforms are required, not having the right school uniform can prevent children from attending class. Stop that struggle by giving a school uniform, so that no child stays home from learning. 

When it comes to having fun, would you rather… go for a hike through nature OR host a big party for all of your friends and family?

If you said hike… You enjoy spending time outside and appreciate all that nature has to offer. A keyhole garden is one of the ways that families in places without good soil can spend time cultivating their own home garden outside of their home. This not only lets them save money on food, but means they spend less on expensive vegetables at the market!

If you said party… As a social butterfly, you appreciate celebrations and gathering together your friends and family. Giving a special celebration means that children who live in vulnerable parts of Bolivia get to enjoy all of the fun and joy of a big community party…a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate what God has done!

We know that you care about people living in poverty. Which cause speaks most to your heart… the plight of refugees displaced from their homes OR children living without access to medical care?

If you said refugees… You may have heard that there are nearly 26 million refugees in the world right now. More than 70 million people have been forced from their homes. If the experience of displaced people and refugees breaks your heart, you might want to consider giving a refugee kit for Venezuelan refugees in Peru. These kits will prepare local churches to serve and care for refugee people in their communities, to truly love their neighbors.

If you said medical care… In rural areas without ready access to hospitals and medical supplies, any emergency can easily become life-threatening. The emergency medical care gift catalog item prepares community members to respond to emergencies in their area and quickly rush support to children in need of help. 

Still not sure? 

This year’s gift catalog is full of many other items requested by FH fields to serve people in hard places. Browse through to find the item that speaks to your heart today. 

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