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Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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11 New Items to Give in this Year's Catalog

Every year during the holiday season, we gather together our leadership from all 20+ countries where we work, and ask them to make a “wish list.” On this wish list, our fields ask communities what they want. They think about what would help meet a pressing need. And they dream about the kinds of items that will make even a compound difference for the most vulnerable. Once these items are collected and sorted through, Food for the Hungry’s holiday gift catalog is born!

Each year there are gifts that keep on giving and become staple items in our gift catalog, like goats or school desks. We come to know and celebrate how these items can truly serve communities. Yet every year, we find that our fields are also thinking of new ways and requesting new items to help families flourish! Are you getting into the Christmas spirit already? We’re excited to share what’s new in the gift catalog this year. Check out these new items, and consider blessing someone this season (or giving a gift in honor of a friend):

New Item: Venezuelan Refugee Kit

The Venezuelan refugee crisis is one of the largest that is ballooning in size, with refugees escaping instability caused by nosediving oil prices back home. This gift of a refugee kit ($18) will serve one of 800 Venezuelan refugee families that are striving to make ends meet. They will be distributed by local churches, where refugees are currently being hosted, powerfully expressing the Gospel message of loving our neighbors.

Bolivian mother crouches near her baby boy, who is being weighed on a beige platform

New Item: Medical Insurance

Having insurance is always the best policy. Sometimes while walking alongside vulnerable communities, we find children suffering severe medical conditions. Many times, families are unable to pay for high medical bills associated with these conditions. FH always goes above and beyond, intervening where needed to make sure children are nurtured back to health. This year, you can help provide emergency medical insurance for children ($24) in these times of need. With your gift of insurance, 10 children would have access to emergency medical care in the event of a crisis.

Closeup of a white cow chewing grass

New Item: Cow

Cows are making a comeback on this year’s gift catalog! This dairy cow ($475) is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only does it provide calcium-rich milk for children in Haiti, there are all sorts of dairy products that can be made with milk and sold. This allows families to generate extra income. In fact, even it’s manure will help increase a farmer’s harvest through rich fertilizer… not to mention, baby calves that keep the blessing multiplying!

Two kids in Cambodia read a picture book

New Item: Storybooks

Do you still remember your favorite picture books as a kid? Instill a love of learning early with these storybooks ($3) for kids! Children who are learning how to read will be able to access these books in their own local languages.

New Item: Water Pipeline

Band together with your church to provide funds for three water pipelines in three communities ($5,200)! Many times, new water points such as wells don’t need to be dug. In fact, by simply extending a pipe from an existing water source, many more families can be blessed! Clean water is essential to all of life–for cleaning, drinking, washing, and more. This new item will be installed where there is a high need for clean drinking water in Ethiopia. It will improve the quality of life for children and families in up to 150 households.

Young boy in the DR receives vitamin, a new item in the FH gift catalog

New Item: Gummy Vitamins

Every day, you probably take your standard vitamins: a multivitamin, a calcium supplement, or even add an extra dose of collagen or adaptogens to your morning smoothie. In the developing world, vitamins can be expensive and hard to come by. But vitamins are important in the developing world, too–perhaps even more important!

This year, everyone’s favorite gummy vitamins are making a worldwide debut. Gummy vitamins ($18) are a new item to this year’s gift catalog! They are a great way for children to access the essential nutrients they need. Formulated with an extra kick of iron, these gummy vitamins are kid-friendly and fun, too!

New Item: Community First Responder Kit

Your gift of a first responder kit ($3,562) will provide an entire community with medical supplies, where a health center would be too far away in an emergency. This includes all kinds of items including stretchers, rigid boards, rescue ropes, basic medicine, and other life-saving supplies!

American family visits their sponsored child in Peru

New Item: Special Celebration

Who doesn’t love a reason to throw a party? This new item provides the opportunity for families to have funds for a celebration, presents, or treats! Many times, those who live in poverty struggle to afford basics. They simply don’t have the resources to throw a party. In reality, being able to celebrate a special day goes a long way in strengthening bonds within families and communities. Whether for holidays or special events, you are giving families the gift of celebration ($50) through this new item.

Chicken Farm - new item

New Item: Chicken Farm

Chickens are one of the best-selling items in the gift catalog, and for good reason! Chickens provide a sustainable source of protein through their daily eggs, significantly improving the nutrition of children. Since chickens are easy to raise and multiply quickly, families can earn an additional income by selling eggs or chicks in the market.

This year, you can “upgrade” by buying an entire chicken farm ($620)–complete with 100 chickens. Families will be provided with not only chickens but also materials for a starter coop, feeding supplies, and technical training on how to manage a chicken farm. Or, to keep the chickens going all year, join the Chicken of the Month club ($28) to provide two chickens to a vulnerable family every month! You’ll also receive a fun monthly profile of FH’s best and brightest chickens as a reminder of how you’re helping families in need.

New Item: Emergency Food for a Month

Too many families go to bed hungry at night. Due to a number of reasons including conflict or a small harvest, food distributions can help families in crisis keep their bellies full. This gift of emergency food for a month includes staple foods like wheat, beans and cooking oil to provide immediate initial support.

Home Well Water Source in Bangladesh

New Item: Home Well

In the areas where FH works in Bangladesh, there is no stable source of water. Instead, families use tube wells, which are the only sources of safe drinking water. What is a tube well? Tube wells are a type of water well where a long tube or pipe is bored into an underground aquifer. When you choose to gift this new item of a home well ($100), you will be blessing families of sponsored children who do not have access to a tube well in their house. Furthermore, you will be contributing a tube well in an open place where multiple families can benefit!

What are you planning on gifting this year from the gift catalog? Check out all the new items on the gift catalog here.


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