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Gift Guide For Him—That Gives Back!

The holiday season is a great way to connect with family and friends and show them that you’re thinking about them! But it’s a fact. Men can be a challenge to buy gifts for. That’s why we’ve got some great ideas for every kind of man in your life: your brother, father, husband, son, boyfriend or friend! Because we know they have different interests, we’ve put together a list so you can be sure to find something for each man in your life. For each item, we’ve also found its perfect pair to give a gift that helps men around the world!

Radiate Portable Campfire ($27.99), A water filter from Food for the Hungry’s Gift Catalog ($28)

The Outdoorsman

This is the man in your life who loves to camp. He has an adventurous spirit and appreciates the beauty of the outdoors. He feels at home amongst nature and loves activities such as hiking, fishing, or hunting. Make campfires easy this year by gifting your outdoorsman the Radiate Portable campfire. It is made with recycled soy wax so there is no smoky smell or messy embers.

Being one with nature, your outdoorsman likely knows the importance of having clean water. The gift of a water filter provides a vulnerable family with access to clean water with a Sawyer Point One Water Filter. Families can filter water from any source without chemicals, electricity or pumps. The filter removes 99.9 percent of all harmful pathogens from water, such as salmonella, cholera and E. coli. When the outdoorsman in your life reaches for his water bottle during his next hike, he can be grateful for the opportunity to share clean water with others around the world.

Plush Animal Pajamas from Amazon ($26.99), Chicken of the Month Club from Food for the Hungry’s Gift Catalog ($28.00/month)

The Animal Lover

This man must love dogs, and well, any other type of animal! He’s the man in your life who can’t walk through a park without acknowledging all the furry friends he encounters. He likely has an animal calendar (or two) at home. This season, give the animal lover in your life this animal onesie. It is comfortable, fun and will allow your animal lover to really let his imagination run wild.

Speaking of running wild, we now have a chicken of the month club! An ongoing monthly gift will provide two chickens to a vulnerable family every month. Chickens provide a sustainable source of protein through their daily eggs, significantly improving the nutrition of children. Since chickens are easy to raise and multiply quickly, families can earn an additional income by selling eggs or chicks in the market. Plus, you’ll also receive a fun monthly profile of FH’s best and brightest chickens as a reminder of the work you’re doing to end poverty. We recommend reading the monthly profile while wearing animal pajamas.

OontZ Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Amazon ($25.99), A Special Celebration from Food for the Hungry’s Gift Catalog ($119.00)

The Life of the Party

You know this guy. He’s the socialite who is always inviting people over to his home. He’s extroverted and loves to surround himself with great people. He never misses an opportunity for a dance party and can’t wait for the next birthday to happen. This season, get the life of the party an OontZ portable speaker so he never misses a dance party again. This speaker is water-resistant, has a Bluetooth range of 100 feet, and will keep playing music for up to 14 hours.

In the spirit of community, we know this guy in your life has a heart for celebrating people. The Special Celebration gift does just that! Families in vulnerable communities often struggle for the basics — they simply don’t have the resources to throw a party or give presents and treats. Your generosity will make it possible for them to celebrate a holiday or other event in a fun way, and provide an opportunity to share the gospel too!

The ReNew Transit Backpack from Everlane ($78), 22X Match from Food for the Hungry’s Gift Catalog (varies)

The Businessman

This man is good at his job and he loves it. Whether it’s networking, talking numbers, or solving problems, he lives eats and breathes business. Since he likely carries coffee, a laptop, phone, keys, headphones and any other commuting gear with him in the morning, he’s going to need an efficient way to carry all of that. The Everlane backpack for men doesn’t compromise style for function. It can fit a 15″ laptop and has a water-resistant finish for those unpredictable weather days.

Because we know your businessman loves to make an impact, we recommend giving a gift through 22X Match. Through our partners, your donation to Food for the Hungry can be matched 22 times. By giving to the 22X match, a gift of $35 can become $770. Because we know every good businessman loves a guarantee like that, we are certain he will be grateful to make the most out of this gift.

Because we know not every man in your life will fit into all of these categories, you can check out our entire gift catalog online by clicking here.


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