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Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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How a Healthy Family Has the Power to End Poverty

We all were born into a family. Reflecting on our families can produce the sweetest of memories or drudge up the deepest of hurts. A healthy family unit plays a vital role in the general well-being and development of all the members. The family unit helps reinforce self-worth, lays the foundation for healthy habits and sets the model for developing relationships with others.

At Food for the Hungry (FH), we recognize the importance of healthy families, which is why the family is at the center of our work. When we focus on the development and overall health of children and their parents, it helps everyone flourish.

Through the generous support of partners like you, FH  walks with families to help them grow and succeed! This International Day of Families, we are highlighting a few families we have had the privilege of working with around the globe.

Working Together

Rokeya and FamilyRokeya is a married mother of two living in Bangladesh. In her community, women are not able to work, which meant her husband was the sole provider for their family. Unfortunately, there was not enough work to earn the income needed to cover all of their basic needs. This caused tension in their home and marriage. With the inability to help provide for her family, Rokeya often felt frustrated and suffered from low self-esteem.

Then, in 2012, FH established a savings group in Rokeya’s community. During their meetings, an FH facilitator taught women about savings, health, laws and values. Through this group, she was able to save the money needed to purchase cows. These cows helped her earn income through raising calves and selling milk in the market. Rokeya and her husband now make enough to care for all the basic needs of their family and school expenses for their children. Rokeya gained confidence, learned how to read, and her marriage has vastly improved. Her family is now thriving!

Overcoming Obstacles

Rania and her husband Qasem are parents of six children. Their family was forced toRania and Family leave their home in Aleppo to escape the conflict in Syria. They left without anything on their backs to find refuge in Lebanon. Qasem is unable to work due to physical disabilities he obtained from a motorcycle accident years ago. Rania and her brother work hard to provide for the family, but the money earned is rarely enough to take care of all of their needs. But hope remains!

FH’s partner in Lebanon helps to provide food for the family. In addition, they were given three mattresses and a heater to make their home more comfortable during the frigid winter months. Their family is grateful for the assistance in providing the basic necessities needed to survive. Now they have hope for a brighter future and dream of the possibility of returning to their home someday!

Creating a Bright Future

Amare Amare lives in Ethiopia with his children. Before FH began working in his community, he had a small income and few resources to provide for his family. He could not afford to send his children to school or give them quality, nutritious food. But that is not the story anymore!

FH gave him the training and start-up materials to become a potato farmer. Now he is the chairman of the potato farming group in his area! All of Amare’s children attend school and eat nutritious meals. He is even making preparations for training his eldest son to be a farmer after graduation. Amare and his family are now happy and healthy!

There are many ways that you can help FH help families like Rokeya’s, Rania’s and Amare’s. You can pray for the families, sponsor a child, or purchase items from our gift catalog to make a life-changing difference today!