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Hope The Size of a Vegetable Seed

“A seed neither fears light nor darkness, but uses both to grow.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Between natural disasters, food shortages, and the widespread pandemic, a lot of families are currently struggling to provide their families with enough food, let alone proper nutrition. Did you know at least half of children worldwide ages 6 months to 5 years suffer from at least one micronutrient deficiency? Improper nutrition can affect a child’s growth and even their school performance. Improper nutrition can cause a child to lose focus or become sick often, forcing them to stay home from school.

The pandemic has greatly affected worldwide hunger and livelihoods, but yet there is still hope. Through your support of Food for the Hungry (FH), many lives have changed and will continue to transform, through this challenging time as a society. Read some of their stories below.

Maycly’s Story

Maycly Michel is an 11-year-old boy who lives in Haiti with his father Odins, his mother, and his older sister. Maycly’s father worked as a farmer to provide for his family, but as hard as he tried to make farming profitable, he always fell short.

Maycly and his family received the gift of vegetable seeds from FH, and his father was also invited to come learn about new ways to farm at FH’s agricultural training center, located in his community.


Maycly’s father was trained how to grow vegetables properly, how to space and plant the seeds, and how to use fertilizer effectively. In his first vegetable harvest following the training, his yield doubled compared to previous years. And in his second harvest, he tripled his output. This allowed the family to rent additional land and plant a larger variety of vegetables. Since his family now has access to many different vegetables year-round, Maycly is healthier and is performing better in school.

Anguache’s Story

Anguache Wall is a 35-year-old farmer who lives in Ethiopia with her husband and three children. Even though they tried endlessly to produce quality vegetables, they never were able to grow enough to feed their family. When she joined FH’s health and nutrition program, she received agricultural tools that helped her farm more efficiently. Anguache also benefited from training on crop production, compost preparation, and how to produce seed she could use to plant new crops. Now, she’s improved her family’s health and income.

Anguache Wall and her garden


Angel’s Story

Angel lives with his uncle and has a backyard garden in the Dominican Republic. When he first started, his plants didn’t grow and everything died. But he didn’t give up. With help from FH and a community leader, he tried twice more, and eventually the seed grew into beautiful plants. Angel is very proud of his garden and has worked hard to learn new growing techniques. His garden is now so fruitful that he can share the produce with his neighbors. He hopes one day he can turn his backyard garden into a successful business.

Because of your support, these individuals were given the tools they needed to succeed at a very challenging time in their lives. Your support creates opportunities and offers hope — packaged in something as small as a vegetable seed.

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