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Our Favorite Child Sponsorship Letters: Edition #3

Letter writing. Do people even write letters anymore? Well, as a former Food for the Hunger Correspondence Representative, I can tell you that people do write letters. SO many letters! In fact, FH processed over 600,000 letters between sponsors and sponsored children in 2019.

What is so great about these letters? First, writing letters back and forth builds a relationship between a sponsor and their sponsored child. Second, families in the U.S. learn a little bit about other cultures. Third, there is something magical about receiving a letter in the mail with your name on it from your sponsored child.

What’s in the Letters?

These letters sometimes contain words of encouragement, personal experiences, holiday and cultural stories, and even occasionally artwork! While I worked as a correspondence rep, I would often see many drawings and art from sponsored children to their sponsors. The great thing about receiving a letter from your sponsored child is the joy you experience when you read that he or she is doing well!  Here at Food for the Hungry, we encourage all sponsors to pray for their sponsored children and families. We encourage you to let your sponsor child know you are praying for them! Check out some of our most recent letters that were sent to sponsors!

Beautiful artwork a sponsored child sent to their sponsor.

A drawing of a flower and text that reads love you

A drawing of a flower and text that reads “love you” from a sponsored child to their sponsor.

The Joy You Feel When Reading a Letter!

Fauza, 15-year-old girl, Uganda 

Dear my friend I’m really very excited to write you this afternoon, I have been praying to God to get me a friend from the USA when the other children would be writing. A pleasure for me to have you. I enjoy playing handball and volleyball at school this year I participated in volleyball competition

Sponsor children sitting at a table writing to their sponsors

Sponsored children writing to their sponsors.

Writing With a Little Help

Gabriel, 13-year-old boy, Rwanda (actual wording from the child and FH staff member assisting him)

Dear friend Caroline hope you are doing well. These are greetings from Gabriel. I take this opportunity to write on his behalf because he now cannot see and write due to a serious brain sickness he has. Even though he does not see,  when talking to him he says he thanks God for protecting him and gives thanks to FH’s program to support him in his sickness He says he is happy when people come to visit him and comfort him by prayers. He says he is used to telling his family members not to be discouraged because God has good plans to his creation including himself. He requests you to keep praying for him and his family in this hardest moment. May God bless you.

Child sitting at a desk writing a letter.

Child sitting at a desk writing a letter.

Writing From the Heart

Janet, 18-year-old girl, Uganda

These are things in my life that make me smile and bring me joy.

1. Making friends from different areas

2. Helping those ones in need such as elders in our society by fetching water

3. Organizing fellowship in church during Sunday for doing domestic work such as cooking, digging, etc

5. Visiting my grandmother during weekends and holidays

More beautiful artwork pieces that sponsored children sent to their sponsors.

A flower drawn by a child for their sponsor.

This flower is drawn on the back of the letter written to a sponsor.

A drawing of a book provided to a sponsor child.

A child drew a notebook thanking their sponsor for helping to support their education. FH translates messages so the sponsor can read it!

Child drew flowers for their sponsor.

The child drew flowers for their sponsor.

If you are stuck at home during this COVID-19 season and looking for something to do, consider pulling out some paper and a pen and write a letter to your sponsored child. I know for a fact, that all the children love getting letters from their sponsors! The letters are translated into their language and given straight to the child. You can also write a letter online and upload a picture using this link here. If you don’t already sponsor a child. I encourage you to sponsor one today and start writing. Trust me. It’s heartwarming, the letters you’ll read. And it feels good knowing you are making a difference in someone’s life.

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