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Get to Know Raquel Muñoz: FH Leader in Child Sponsorship

If you ask FH sponsorship staff member Raquel Muñoz to describe child sponsorship through Food for the Hungry (FH), she is straightforward. As part of FH’s work ending poverty around the world, she says, “child sponsorship is hope for vulnerable children, their families, and their communities.” 

Raquel would know. A close friend first told her about the life-changing work done by FH. At the time, Raquel had no idea that accepting a role at the organization would be what she now calls a “life-changing decision.” Years later, she is a long-time FH staff member. She has traveled to 20 countries around the world. And she has witnessed the impact of FH’s work first-hand. Raquel has also led significant improvements and growth in the child sponsorship program and is a living testimony of how child sponsorship can transform the lives of children, their families, and sponsors. 

“Child sponsorship is hope for vulnerable children, their families, and their communities.” – Raquel Muñoz

Get to Know FH Sponsorship Staff Member Raquel Muñoz

Raquel Muñoz FH Child Sponsorship Director

FH staff member Raquel Muñoz.

We at FH are deeply grateful for your partnership. When you receive a message from FH, it comes from a thankful heart, knowing that you answered God’s call to respond to human suffering and help end extreme poverty. Because of that, we want you to know the voices behind our child sponsorship communications. That includes Raquel Muñoz, whose name you will see appearing in your inbox and on messages, as we share updates with you about the impact you are having in the lives of a sponsored child or children.

As a long-time FH staff member and leader in our sponsorship program, Raquel’s faith has motivated her to love and serve others for a long time. Growing up in a charming small town in the northern part of the Dominican Republic, Raquel’s childhood was full of time spent with her parents and four siblings playing games and enjoying the outdoors. With a pastor father, the family was very involved in church events and community outreach activities. And as she grew up, Raquel began to understand Jesus calling her. He asked her to put the needs of others first. Even though doing so is often contrary to modern culture. Raquel’s inspiration for this is found in Matthew 11:29, which reminds Christians that in following Jesus’ words, we can find true happiness and rest for our souls. 

Transformation Through Food for the Hungry

Raquel Muñoz in Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the 20 countries to which Raquel has traveled.

This mindset inspires Raquel in her daily life and her work with FH. Whether working with FH staff, spending time with her son, or corresponding with her sponsored child, Raquel says that she spends her days trying to listen. And be as empathetic as possible. She reflects on ways to achieve higher levels of excellence in FH’s child sponsorship program. And she also treasures her role as part of an organization where people care for each other and grow together. And through that, God has taught her the importance of community and people truly relying on each other. “As believers,” Raquel shares, “we must live in a healthy interdependence where we accept each other with the good and the weaknesses in us.”

It is through those relationships, she says, that “God transforms us.” And this is true for everyone — FH staff, sponsors, and those in the communities we serve. 

The Impact of Child Sponsorship

When it comes to the life-changing impact of FH’s work, Raquel explains that when we understand poverty as a set of broken relationships, we begin understanding how child sponsorship makes an impact. “Child sponsorship is a channel to promote the transformation of relationships,” she shares. “By connecting two individuals from different worlds, creating opportunity for mutual encouragement and growth, I think child sponsorship provides a unique platform for programs that bring development opportunities, not only to children, but to caregivers and community leaders who are responsible for creating a thriving environment for children.”

And all of this, Raquel says, is a big part of continuously working toward an end to poverty. But Raquel also knows how life-changing sponsorship can be for the sponsor. How? Because in addition to being sponsorship staff, she is a sponsor herself! In fact, she names the experience of meeting her sponsored child, Abel, as one of the most meaningful experiences she has had with FH. Abel lives in Uganda. When Raquel visited his community, she had the opportunity to learn all about his family. They talked about his plans for the future. He shared about the changes that had occurred in his community with the help of FH. “While there are many experiences I treasure from my time at FH, meeting Abel was one of the most memorable,” Raquel says. When she visited his community, she heard Abel talk about his life and she shared about hers. And, she says, “We cried and prayed together.” 

What Sponsors Should Know

If you are a current child sponsor with FH or are considering becoming one, Raquel has a message for you. Please know, she says, that “FH is deeply committed to making child sponsorship an increasingly memorable experience, where the ultimate goal is to transform the lives of thousands through [donors’] faithful support.” 

Check out the brief Q&A below to get to know Raquel better!

Q&A with Raquel Muñoz

Q: Tea or coffee?

Raquel Muñoz in Guatemala

Raquel with an FH sponsored child on a trip to Guatemala.

A: I am a coffee lover!

Q: Dream travel location?

A: The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

Q: Ideal way to spend a day off?

A: Getting out of the city and away from the noise, gardening, and reading

Q: Three words that describe you?

A: Organized, reliable, and resilient

Q: What is the most special thing about FH?

A: FH’s ongoing commitment to align our work to God’s plan for creation

You Can Make A Difference for A Child Today

Will you join FH and make a life-changing difference for a child in poverty? Sign up to become a child sponsor today! 

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