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We Pursue Beauty: This Could be the Best Part of Your Day

If you’re anything like me, getting on the internet and especially social media can feel like walking into a field of land mines. Between fake news, disparaging debate, and sad stories from around the globe, there’s a lot about social media that causes me anxiety. Some people suffer so badly that they even experience social media anxiety disorder, a recognized mental health condition by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

So we at Food for the Hungry (FH) wanted to change that and help make your timeline a better place. We thought: what if we could use social media to pursue beauty too?

We Pursue Beauty

This is one of FH’s guiding values. (Click here to read more about our values.) We pursue beauty, goodness, and truth. We do this in our work by walking with families, communities, and churches to help people overcome extreme poverty. But how do we pursue beauty in the every day, in the ordinary, in the mundane? How do our beneficiaries pursue beauty?

We wanted to know, so we set out to find out.

Our staff around the world met with teachers to organize a photo exercise with students of varying age.

We asked the children, “What do you find beautiful?” And then we gave them a camera to capture it.

As responses started rolling in, the tears did too. I sat at my desk reading through hundreds of responses from children all over the globe. They loved their pets, their plants, their parents, their schools, their books, their Bibles. These children, who so often can feel so different from me, still see beauty in the same things I do. And probably the same things you and your children do. 

Everyone in our office was overwhelmed by the hearts of these beautiful children, so we wanted to share that with you. We created a new Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you can follow this beautiful content and even join in the conversation by what you find beautiful in your day with the hashtag #wepursuebeauty.

Here is a couple sneak peeks from our new global photo project:

“My mom and I like flowers, that’s why we buy branches of flowers in the market.” – Dalia Alina Mendez Morales, 12, Guatemala


“This is my mother. I love her very much because she feeds me and the entire family despite remaining hungry.” — Moumitra Pahan, 13, Bangladesh


“I took a picture of a drawing in front of my school because there is a kid learning the numbers there.” – Jimmy Tziboy, 10, Guatemala


“I photographed my pigeon because it looks very nice to me. It’s my own bird and I always feed it with a great care. I especially love it because pigeons are my favorite bird. It flies around me and sometimes sits on my hand.” – Ridoy Soren, 13, Bangladesh


“I like the Bible because it teaches us the word of God and it sharpens our behavior.” – Estelle, 14, Burundi


Please follow us to stay up on this journey! And learn more about us by clicking here.

Instagram: @wepursuebeauty
Facebook: /wepursuebeauty
Twitter: @wepursuebeauty