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The Whiting Family: Giving with Joyful Hearts

The Whiting family is giving with joyful hearts. And God calls us to do just that, to be a cheerful giver.

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:7


Giving with Joyful Hearts

The Whiting family first heard about Food for the Hungry (FH) five years ago at a concert. They started sponsoring a child from Ethiopia and through child sponsorship, they found out about other areas of FH’s work.

Because the Whitings live on a working farm, they really connected with giving animals through the FH Gift Catalog. They know that when they give an animal to a family, it is empowering. For instance, giving a cow or a chicken to a family provides healthy, nutritious food, and also provides the family with income if they sell the milk or eggs.


Buying the Farm

Feeling called to give with joyful hearts, the Whiting family gave the ‘Buy the Farm‘ from the FH Gift Catalog. Through their gift, 12 animals were distributed to families in need, including two cows, four sheep, five chickens, and a goat. Raising livestock is a way for families living in poverty to earn more income so they can rise out of poverty and have a secure future.

Jennifer Whiting, the mother of the family, shared, “When we find something to give joyfully to, it’s awesome. That is how we feel about giving to FH. God brings us joy when we give to provide ways to help others see how they can rise above their situation.”


Gifts Received with Joy

One of the beneficiaries of the “farm” includes the Arispe family. The Arispe family lives in an impoverished area in Bolivia with one of the highest rates of malnutrition. Like many families in their community, they struggled to have reliable access to food. The closest city to them is several hours away by bus. Paulina and Carlos planted a vegetable garden to help feed their two daughters, Rilda and Noelia, but it wasn’t enough to ensure a healthy diet — the daughters also needed protein.


Thankfully, joyful supporters of FH, like the Whitings, gifted the family with chickens. Now every morning, Rilda and Noelia collect eggs from the chickens for their mother to prepare. Adding protein to the daughters’ diets reduces malnutrition and helps them grow up healthy and strong. FH has also helped the family improve their garden. With a full stomach, the girls are now able to focus on their education. Additionally, Paulina and Carlos can sell their chicken eggs in the market for additional income, which can be used for tuition, medical expenses, and other needs. The simple life-changing gift of chickens has given the Arispe the opportunity to overcome poverty.


You can join the Whiting family, and give with a joyful heart.

Visit the FH Gift Catalog and give a life-changing gift that will bless a family. From a chicken to a goat, the gift of an animal provides a family in need with opportunities to earn more income and have access to healthy, nutritious food. Thank you for your giving heart.


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