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Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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The Blog

Written by Larry Jones
A Full Circle Journey: Introducing Mark Viso

Thirty years ago, a young man named Mark Viso joined Food for the Hungry (FH) as a volunteer in famine-ravaged Ethiopia. He saw the crisis there and knew he had to do something. That something, serving the people of Ethiopia, changed Mark’s heart. He… Read More


Your Giving Heart Gave Austomi a New Heart

Written by Alice Zhang

Matters of the heart are no simple matter. In fact, God’s Word has all kinds of wisdom about our hearts. Our hearts store our hopes, our desires, our emotions–and power the rest of our body with blood. The Bible says that out of our hearts flow the wellspring of life. Read More


Behind the Scenes: Bolivia's Dry Land Blooms

Written by Beth Allen

For generations, Don Vidal’s family struggled for survival. Bolivia’s dry land only allowed Don Vidal to sow and harvest once a year, depending purely on rainwater. A river flows through the bottom of their valley, but it was nearly impossible to bring water to the fields… Read More

Written by Ariel Morales
Buried Under a Landslide, Hope Springs Forth in Nicaragua

Arling is a farmer in Nicaragua living in Teocintal, a community where many farmers like him produce no more than 20 quintals of beans. At 20 quintals, or approximately 2,000 pounds of beans and corn, Arling made just enough to survive and pay rent on the… Read More


Diane Experiences Hope After Sickness

Written by Jess Bell

“I used to cry a lot and could see my mother crying, too. I was very scared.” 12-year old Diane used to suffer from stomach aches with intense nausea and diarrhea. She was always tired. She couldn’t play with her friends or help with any of the housework like fetching… Read More


IDELA: 3 Case Studies Measuring Early Childhood Learning

Written by Jana Torrico

Communities cannot rise out of poverty if their children do not thrive. That’s why early learning education and development programs that set a strong foundation for a child’s capacity to learn throughout life are critical to later success. It spans across cognitive, social-emotional and language domains. It’s why the UN… Read More

Written by Wendy McMahan
God's Story: How to Persevere When Life is Hard

This post is the fourteenth in a series on God’s Story, the Foundation for FH’s Work in Relief and Development. Follow the series, starting with the first post. “I hear it a lot from my family members. They say, ‘Why are you helping… Read More


How God Showed Up for a Bolivian Family in the Form of a Letter

Written by Esther Martinez

When Marcella began sponsoring a child in Toro Toro, Bolivia, she was thrilled at the prospect of being able to cultivate a relationship with him through letter writing. She excitedly began writing regularly to 6-year-old Raul. Little did she know the powerful impact her words… Read More


Farming Families in Burundi Experience A Story of Hope

Written by Carrie Woodward

Meet Anitha. She is a 12-year-old girl in Burundi, a tiny, landlocked country right underneath Rwanda where 65% of the population uses water that isn’t safe for drinking. Like so many other… Read More

Written by Brooke Wente
Tigist Finds a Future in Clean Water

Fetch water or eat breakfast? Use the water to bathe or wash clothes? These were the decisions Tigist and her children had to make on a daily basis because their community lacked clean water. The Past Before Clean Water Tigist and her four children live in a small… Read More


Our 11 Most Popular Blogs of 2019

Written by Alice Zhang

In 2019, a lot happened. We celebrated with communities that pronounced their graduation from poverty. We looked on, teary-eyed, as children met their sponsors and other children were sponsored after waiting for months. We prayed for the work that God is still doing in bringing… Read More


God's Story: The Church is the Fullness of Christ

Written by Wendy McMahan

This post is the thirteenth in a series on God’s Story, the Foundation for FH’s Work in Relief and Development. Follow the series, starting with the first post.   What does it look like for the Body of Christ to serve the local… Read More

Written by Alice Zhang
Cambodia Grocery Co-op Creates Hope for Disabled

Not far from the magnificent Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, the world’s largest religious monument in the world, there is an area where landmines of a dark past remain hidden underground. Located along the northwest border with Thailand, this corner of the country surrounded by rice paddies and forest-covered mountains… Read More


7 New Year's Resolutions to Help End Poverty

Written by Esther Martinez

Setting New Year’s resolutions is a great tradition that helps spark positive change as we head into the new year. As many know, sometimes just one resolution can significantly impact your life. We think this impact can go even further. As we approach a new year… Read More


The One and Only Gift This Christmas

Written by Ed Hatch

Arguments broke out at our house every Christmas when I was growing up. It was always around one topic. The annual argument formed around a particular family tradition, in fact: the tradition of opening all gifts only on Christmas Day. The Parents’ logic was firm, but unequivocal—‘we are… Read More