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Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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The Blog

Written by Beth Allen
How a Garden Became a Philippines Coronavirus Response

When the president of the Philippines declared a coronavirus lockdown for metro Manila on March 16, 2020, it panicked many families Food for the Hungry (FH) works with. But an urban garden became a weapon against lost income and despair for one group of mothers, who… Read More


Earth Day: A Day of Remembrance

Written by Josh Ayers

The Very First Earth Day April 22, 1970 seemed like any other Wednesday. Plopping down in armchairs all across the country, Americans flicked on their televisions for their daily update. They heard about Vietnam, the recently instituted draft, and the anti-war protests at home. The soft glow and warm hues… Read More


What It Takes to Help a Community in Need

Written by Esther Martinez

While the answer may differ for everyone, for Steve Wille in Phoenix, Arizona, answering God’s call to help a community in need meant immersing himself fully in another country. It also meant remembering to bring his work gloves! A Desire to Help the Most Vulnerable… Read More

  Child Sponsorship
Written by Paola Cardona
Guatemala Response: Love in the Time of...Coronavirus?

Paola Cardona is the Communications Coordinator for FH Guatemala, based in Guatemala City. On March 6, the government of Guatemala declared a state of public calamity because of COVID-19. All companies, except those dedicated to food supply and health, had to close their doors to avoid… Read More


Championing the Vulnerable: Advocacy Highlights This Past Year

Written by Ari Shaw

“Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind, for He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” – Psalms 107:8-9   At Food for the Hungry (FH), we believe in the mission of advocacy for the most vulnerable… Read More


On the Frontlines: Preventing Coronavirus in Cox's Bazar

Written by Alice Zhang

Updated June 2, 2020 COVID-19 continues to sweep global news headlines, with updates each hour informing us of the latest number of reported cases and quarantine measures. Everywhere you turn, people are stocking up on essentials, working remotely, or even on lockdown. In fact, it’s hard not to talk about… Read More

Written by Wendy McMahan
God's Story: Poverty Will End Forever

This post is the fifteenth (and final) in a series on God’s Story, the Foundation for FH’s Work in Relief and Development. Follow the series, starting with the first post. Pastor Aguek sat on the floor of his tent with his wife and… Read More


Overcoming All Odds: One Refugee’s Story of Determination

Written by Esther Martinez

For the most vulnerable in our world, attending school and finding a stable job afterward can be seen as beating the odds. That’s because millions of children don’t have access to educational opportunities or families don’t have enough income to pay for school fees. These obstacles are hard… Read More


Qabale Finds Freedom in a Pad

Written by Jess Bell

In the US, we’re often uncomfortable talking about periods. Even when we’re talking about it among other women. But in parts of the world, the discomfort experienced from a period goes far beyond social discomfort. In some countries, girls aren’t allowed inside the house during their period. They aren’t allowed… Read More

Written by Beth Allen
Once Living in Fear: Guatemalan Mother Leader Transforms Community

“There Was Only Sadness” Marta, a volunteer mother leader from Chio, Guatemala, is a fighter. Not with her fists, but with prayer and brightly-colored booklets that she carries from house to house in her community. As a 64-year-old mother of nine, she is also a survivor of a violent marriage. Read More


How One Sewing Machine Helped a Refugee Start Over

Written by Esther Martinez

A Life Interrupted When the South Sudanese Civil War began in 2013, millions of lives were disrupted and uprooted. Children were no longer safe at school. Parents wondered if they would be able to continue working in order to take care of their families. As the conflict escalated,… Read More


Your Giving Heart Gave Austomi a New Heart

Written by Alice Zhang

Matters of the heart are no simple matter. In fact, God’s Word has all kinds of wisdom about our hearts. Our hearts store our hopes, our desires, our emotions–and power the rest of our body with blood. The Bible says that out of our hearts flow the wellspring of life. Read More

Written by Ariel Morales
Buried Under a Landslide, Hope Springs Forth in Nicaragua

Arling is a farmer in Nicaragua living in Teocintal, a community where many farmers like him produce no more than 20 quintals of beans. At 20 quintals, or approximately 2,000 pounds of beans and corn, Arling made just enough to survive and pay rent on the… Read More


Diane Experiences Hope After Sickness

Written by Jess Bell

“I used to cry a lot and could see my mother crying, too. I was very scared.” 12-year old Diane used to suffer from stomach aches with intense nausea and diarrhea. She was always tired. She couldn’t play with her friends or help with any of the housework like fetching… Read More


Farming Families in Burundi Experience A Story of Hope

Written by Carrie Woodward

Meet Anitha. She is a 12-year-old girl in Burundi, a tiny, landlocked country right underneath Rwanda where 65% of the population uses water that isn’t safe for drinking. Like so many other… Read More