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The Blog

Written by Wendy McMahan
God's Story: Learn to Serve Like Jesus

This post is the eleventh in a series on God’s Story, the Foundation for FH’s Work in Relief and Development. Follow the series, starting with the first post. When Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique earlier this year, Food for the… Read More


Pioneer Woman: Nicaraguan Artisan Finds Hope

Written by Esther Martinez

 What makes a woman a pioneer? Is it someone who changes the world or changes their world? We believe it’s both. When we think of the term “female pioneer,” familiar names like Susan B. Anthony, Marie… Read More


God's Story: A Plan for Your Life

Written by Wendy McMahan

This post is the tenth in a series on God’s Story, the Foundation for FH’s Work in Relief and Development. Follow the series, starting with the first post.   Joseph and Evelyn discovered that they could have clean water using natural materials that could be… Read More

Written by Damaris Bravo
Ending Poverty Together: The Common Thread of Humanity

While working at Food for the Hungry (FH), I’ve discovered that when it comes to the humanity in each of us — there is a common thread that unites us. But I had to travel halfway around the world to learn this. I began working at FH two… Read More

  Disaster Relief

Chào! FH Begins Operations in Vietnam

Written by Alice Zhang

Food for the Hungry works in multiple countries across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Today, we are excited to introduce you to a new country where we’re breaking ground this fall: Vietnam! A Historic Return to Vietnam Larry Ward founded Food for the Hungry… Read More


Ending Poverty Together: We’re All Pieces in the Poverty Puzzle

Written by Beth Wilcox

I’ve worked at Food for the Hungry (FH) for nearly 15 years with a passion to end poverty. I’ve seen so much change throughout these years, and yet so much remain the same, as well. For almost 10 of those years, I sat at the front desk working reception. Read More

Written by Jess Bell
5 Gallon Challenge: Could You Do It?

Taking Water for Granted I’ll be honest: I’m not great at conserving water. It’s not something I think about conserving because I don’t have to. And that’s a blessing, but not everyone has that opportunity. When I watched Virginia’s story, it made me think a little.   “If… Read More


Plastic Pollution: A Worldwide Equal-Opportunity Fight

Written by Esther Martinez

Did you know plastic packaging accounts for 50 percent of plastic waste around the globe?  Think about every item you bring into your home. How many are wrapped in plastic? How much plastic wrapping gets recycled or tossed in the trash bin? While we can all… Read More


Civic Engagement: Is it Optional?

Written by Beth Allen

Last week, the United States saw an important rite of civic engagement: the first Democratic Party presidential candidates’ debate. We have so many options for viewing the debates. I often watch the broadcast feed with one eye and follow Twitter comments for fact-checking.   And in the end, I pat myself on the… Read More

Written by Chellsea Fort
A Story of Hope for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner! For many, this is a joyous time to celebrate the incredible dad in their life. For others, it can bring about a flurry of other emotions. Fathers have the potential to bring security, love, wisdom, and so much more to their… Read More


Families Thrive When Nature Thrives

Written by Esther Martinez

“Ecosystems, species, wild populations, local varieties, and breeds of domesticated plants and animals are shrinking, deteriorating, or vanishing. The essential, interconnected web of life on Earth is getting smaller and increasingly frayed. This loss is a direct result of human activity and constitutes a direct threat to… Read More


5 Reasons Why Refugee Children Need Vaccines

Written by Carrie Woodward

When Salamot Khan was just a few months old, his family fled their home in Myanmar to seek safety across the border in Bangladesh. Salamot became one of about half a million children living in the… Read More

Written by Michelle Schlavin
Hope Is Buzzing Louder Than Ever and Transforming Lives

April showers bring May flowers and May flowers bring…Bees! Nothing causes a group of people to scatter like the phrase, “There’s a bee behind you.” Too busy running to safety, rarely do you stop to look at this bee and take a moment to appreciate what his short life must be like. There’s a lot to learn… Read More


What Do FH and Captain Marvel Have in Common?

Written by Chellsea Fort

It’s that time of year again! Blockbuster films are hitting theaters and among those is “Captain Marvel.” Last month, my husband and I saw the latest Marvel movie, “Captain Marvel,” and thoroughly enjoyed it. We snacked on popcorn and slurped down an Icee as the… Read More


Caring for the Earth 365 Days a Year

Written by Esther Martinez

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to travel with Food for the Hungry (FH) to Guatemala. I met a farmer who forever changed my view on sustainable development and how it affects not only the most vulnerable, but our earth as well. This story still rings true… Read More