Artists Program

Food for the Hungry partners with musicians, speakers, and bloggers to speak out for vulnerable people. Through events and social media, these passionate and talented artists encourage audiences to sponsor children to make a difference in impoverished communities.

Get Involved

Step 1

Sponsor a child! One impoverished child waits for you. Through your Food for the Hungry sponsorship, you can bring a child food, water, better health and education. You’ll also be showing your child the love of Christ. Find your child today!

Step two

Volunteer at a concert! When you help at a concert sponsored by Food for the Hungry, you’ll also be helping children living in poverty. Volunteer tasks include setting up tables and displays and assisting new child sponsors with sign-up. When you serve as a volunteer, you’ll also receive free concert admission!

Step three

Partner with us! If you're a recording artist or a manager and would like to talk about partnering with us, please fill out this form so we can contact you.